Best Notability Templates 2024 - 2025

Check out our selection of the best Notability templates, choose the ones you like and download them to your tablet. Enjoy a wonderful hyperlink system with a lot of interactive tabs and buttons, specially designed for easy navigation and effective tracking of whatever goals and tasks you wish to accomplish.

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Notability Daily Templates

Planning your day will help you not to forget about upcoming events and will allow you to have time to do all the necessary things. You can quickly take notes and comfortably track the progress of existing tasks from your iPad or Android tablet.

Notability Weekly Templates

Plan your activities for the week ahead using one of the templates below. Keep track of your to-do list, log information, mark important dates on the calendar and more.

Monthly Templates for Notability

A monthly planner is a perfect tool for making you an attentive and organized person in any direction. Don't put off important things until later, start creating a list of your plans right now! Forget about the need to leave a note on paper, do it quickly and easily right in your favorite application.

Budget Templates for Notability

Tracking cash receipts and expenses will allow you to properly manage your finances. Start planning your budget, control your bills, check how much money was spent in a month and how much money can be put into a piggy bank using a savings counter.

Goal Templates for Notability

Having goals for the future, you become more motivated and organized, and achieving them is the key to success. Download the planner you like to your device and upload it directly into the handwriting app.

Productivity Templates

Increase your productivity and achieve success in different areas of life with this beautiful planner, available in light and dark themes. Enjoy a high-quality hyperlinked page structure, clickable tabs and a user-friendly watch face chart for efficient planning and extremely easy navigation.

Notability Life Planner Templates

If you want to improve the quality of your life, become organized and achieve all your goals, use a convenient life planner. Track current and record new tasks in the popular note-taking apps Notability, Goodnotes, Noteshelf or Xodo.

Student Templates for Notability

Every student who wants to get a decent education and have all the necessary knowledge for the subsequent work in a successful company must study well, complete homework on time, pass sessions and so on. Thanks to this beautiful planner, you will be able to fulfill yourself in your studies, conveniently prioritizing and keeping track of all important tasks.

Teacher Templates

Designed specifically for teachers, this collection of planners will help you teach students more effectively by planning your schedule and managing your personal to-do list. Review homework and give honest grades, track student attendance and class progress, write down helpful information about the materials you will teach, etc.

Wellness Templates

Leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your health will make you truly happy, relieve you of frequent stress and help you easily cope with your daily routine. Set yourself the goal of good nutrition, quit bad habits, make time for a good rest, plan wellness procedures and keep improving yourself every day.

Fitness Templates

It's no secret that our appearance is a reflection of self-care. Plan your training days, record what exercises you do, keep a recipe journal, track calories consumed, track weight loss and muscle gain, use a habit tracker, and more. Let this modern 2021 Planner be a great motivator to improve your fitness and health!

Notability Meal Planner Templates

Browse through a collection of the best digital meal planners, choose your favorite page layout and download a PDF to your note-taking app. Make a personal meal plan for a week or a month and follow it, thanks to which you will definitely become healthier and start enjoying life.