Digital Student Planners for iPad

Become more productive and organised at school and beyond with the advanced student digital planners designed to help you manage all the tasks, assignments and appointments easily. Download a planner that you like, upload it to your iPad or Android tablet and start enjoying seamless planning right now.

The Ultimate Success Kit – a powerhouse collection of planner templates meticulously crafted for the driven and ambitious.

With Digital Reading Log, you can keep a journal of what you read, create summaries of what you have read, and plan what you will read next. The planner is suitable for both adults and children (for example, schoolchildren or students).

This high-quality and easy-to-use planner helps you organize and work more easily, productively and efficiently. Monitor the progress of students, track your students' progress and grades.

Track your student's progress right from your iPad or Android tablet.

Create the perfect student project plan with this handy and easy-to-use digital planner.

This handy planner helps you get started with building a high-quality student project.

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Plan your studies quickly and comfortably with a dedicated digital planner, designed for popular note-taking apps such as Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo or Noteshelf, available for use right on your iPad or Android tablet.

Download a versatile student digital planner designed to help you become more productive and successful at school and life. The planner has a comprehensive set of pages that will help you get things done and manage your time easily.

Take your productivity and studying achievements to the next level with the digital planner for students. Track your project progress, capture the assignments and manage your tight schedule easily to meet the deadlines and perform to your best.