Printable Wedding Guest List Templates

Check out our selection of Wedding Guest List Templates that make it easy to create a guest list, send invitations to those you want to see at your celebration, and keep track of whoever is present. Just select the layouts you like, download them in PDF, print and attach them to your wedding planner.

Check out this handy wedding guest list template with everything you need to keep track of your guests.

Guest Name Address Date Invitation Sent Confirmed Y/N Gift Thank You Sent Y/N

The reunion of loved ones and relatives on your wedding day is a very wonderful event! With the help of guest lists, you can bring together people close to you and celebrate an unforgettable happy holiday.

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To feel confident at the wedding and be well-prepared for the day of celebration, you should know the number of guests for which the event will be planned. Use the Colorful Wedding Guest List to organize a complete holiday.

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Let everyone you want to see at your wedding be present at the celebration. Especially for this, Wedding Guest Lists were created, including all necessary sections for tracking your guests.

Guests Send Invite RSVP

Use this beautiful Wedding Guest List in an awesome floral style as an assistant manager for your guests.

Prepare your guest list comfortably and happily with this cute template. Organize a warm welcome from the bride and groom and enjoy the reunion with all your family, friends, and loved ones.

Name Address Date invitation mailed RSVP In Party

With the Wedding Guest List, you can comfortably prepare for the celebration, invite guests and effectively decide any problems that arise.

Name RSVP Number Email

One of the most important steps in preparing for an upcoming wedding is creating a guest list.

Guest Name Address Date invitation sent Confirmed Y/N Gift Thank you sent yes/no

Wedding Guest List Template will allow you to easily and without unnecessary problems control the situation with the people present at the wedding. Don't forget to invite family and friends, mark in advance what needs to be done before the ceremony, and manage your seating chart effectively.