To Do List Templates

Browse the selection of the best To-Do List templates and choose from weekly, daily and family layouts available in various sizes in PDF format designed to help you manage your tasks, get things done on time and improve your personal productivity. Employ the simple to-do list format to organize your tasks, assignments and chores easily.

Weekly To Do List Templates

Nail down your weekly task management with the Weekly To-Do List templates featuring a spacious and well-thought-out layout and organize your tasks for a week in one place easily. Download, print them out and schedule out the tasks, appointments, and assignments for an entire week from Monday through Sunday.

Daily To Do List Templates

Blend a simple daily planner with a classic well-known to-do list to get the essential productivity tool that turns you into a time management ninja. Discover the best daily planner templates with a to-do list that are designed to help you keep track of your task list easily and manage all your schedules, assignments, plans and to-do's in one place. Choose the size and download printable PDF now.

Family To Do List Templates

Get the work done together with your family by organizing your daily, weekly, monthly tasks and delegating responsibilities with the Family To-Do lists. Choose a layout, customize the size of a page and download printable to-do list PDF.

The To-Do list is by far the most popular and simple productivity tool available and globally employed by teachers, students, artists, freelancers and other professionals from different spheres.

Despite the critics that doubt the efficiency of to-do lists saying they lack clarity and prioritization and sometimes even lead to procrastination. Nevertheless, if used properly, the simple list is a very efficient and perfect tool that helps to keep the entire backlog in one place and provides a user-friendly overview, highlighting a priority and visualizing the workload as well as the lists of tasks you set out to do ordered according to the level of importance. Download, make list of tasks and take your productivity to the next level.

Variety of To-Do Lists by Printsbery

Depending on what you need the to-do list for you may need different types of templates. If you are looking for a way to organize your daily tasks and chores for a day, you’d be better off getting a classic daily to-do list with spacious layouts for tasks and notes. Whereas if you are looking for a better way to structure your weekly workflow and keep track of all your assignments and tasks in one place, you definitely have to look closer at a weekly checklist template that is extraordinarily great at helping you to organize everything and get things done effortlessly.

Last but not least, sometimes you need to become a project manager for your own family and improve the efficiency of your household. This is exactly what you may need the family to-do lists for. They help you create a prioritized list of tasks for your family and assign every item to each family member.

Either way, browse the selections and pick the layout you like the most, customize the size of a page and get a PDF file with your template inside.

The Versatility of To-Do List PDF

As you might have already understood that you can print the templates on any printer at office or home in high resolution because PDF format is reliable and easy to use. Moreover, you don’t need any extra sophisticated software to open and print this file out. You can use a web browser to do just that. After printing, you can use to-do list as a separate worksheet or add it as an insert for your planner.

Alternatively, you can add a template to your iPad digital planner and make use of it via Goodnotes or similar Android apps. This format allows you to make notes, add stickers and plan everything inside your tablet.

Last but not least, you can download PDF and convert it into excel or word via free online tools if you need to.

Other Planner Templates

Please make sure to check out other daily weekly monthly planner printable templates that you can personalize to your own preferences. They are designed to help you take your time management to the next level and track the progress of your big projects tasks or small personal tasks.

These templates offer great tools for personal productivity and time management, helping you easily control everything: from big projects and work or school assignments to your household tasks and grocery lists.

Every template offers free demo version, so you can always download free printables with planner template samples to see if a printable list, goal setting sheets or weekly planner suits your style and you feel comfortable using it. Thus you can download free to-do list sample to see if it looks and feels good to you before getting the final template.


Is it better to use to-do list or planner?

It depends on your personal preferences and objectives. If you only need to capture the tasks and assignments for a day or week, the to-do list is your perfect choice. If you want to create a complete schedule or plan for a day or week, you'd better off choosing a planner.

How many items should I include in a task list?

It's recommended to have no more than 3 tasks at a time. Otherwise, you risk losing focus and get your attention scattered across multiple things. Keep a number of tasks low to make sure you don't get overwhelmed.