Monthly Calendar Templates

Get all your long-term monthly plans on one page and manage your time and tasks easily with the simple monthly calendar templates. Choose between dated and undated formats, pick up the layout and design that you like the best and save a printable monthly grid template on your device to start using it now.

Take notes and organize your month with the dated monthly calendar template. Choose size and dates to download printable PDF that's compatible with all printers and computers allowing you to print the calendar out at home.

Current month and year Colored daily cells Section for notes

Use dated monthly planner templates to organize your plans for a month in a simple and intuitive way to always have a quick overview of your tasks, appointments, and deadlines. Customize the dates, choose the size, and download printable PDF.

Current month and year Dated daily cells Section for notes

The notes section comes in handy for all sorts of things, from recording a reminder of a work appointment or date with your significant other, to planning what you want to do next weekend or where you would like to visit this month.

Customize the dates, choose the page size and download PDF with the classic monthly grid featuring dated format and colored design. Use this template to organize your activities for an entire month and stay up to date easily.

Current month and year Colored daily cells Section for notes

Minimalist theme-inspired classic monthly grid calendar for simple monthly planning and note-taking available in PDF format. Download now to start using for your own needs asap.

Current month & year Dated daily cells Lined note section with checkboxes

Choose this printable calendar layout, available in PDF format, for easy and convenient planning and tracking of different events. Organize your schedule, quickly check what is on the agenda, write down the information you need, and so on.

Flower lovers will appreciate this beautiful and easy-to-use calendar. This solution can serve as an organizer of your affairs for two months in advance.

This large grid calendar layout will help improve the experience of planning and keeping track of daily tasks that need to be completed in a month.

Use this helpful calendar to keep track of everything you need, including daily tasks, business appointments, birthdays, holidays, weekend plans, and more.

Want to stay organized and keep in mind the important things ahead of you next month? Use this helpful template to easily and efficiently manage your schedule.

You have the opportunity to purchase this wonderful calendar template for a minimal price.

2022 2023

Let this original monthly calendar serve as a convenient organizer of all your tasks for the month. Be a well-organized and successful person, start each new day cheerfully, correctly calculate your time and stay on top of current affairs.

This practical Monthly Calendar allows you to write down various notes for a given day, including your thoughts, ideas, reminders, information about upcoming events, etc.

Using the calendar with two months per page will be easier and more convenient for you to plan your affairs, take notes and view upcoming events.

If you are a creative person, take a look at this cute colorful printable calendar.

Download printable monthly calendar template featuring undated format and minimalist design. Customize the size of a page and download a template with the monthly calendar in PDF format. Print as many copies as you need.

Current month and year Blank daily cells Section for notes

Plan your tasks, appointments, and meetings for one month ahead easily with the blank monthly calendar template featuring colored design. Download printable PDF and print it at the office or home.

Current month and year Colored daily cells Section for notes

Enjoy the simple and spacious monthly grid and use a monthly planner template to organize your plans for a month easily. Customize the size of a page and download this template in PDF to print and use at home.

Current month and year Colored daily cells Section for notes

Improve your productivity with a simple planning tool such as a monthly calendar template. Download this monthly planner in PDF format, print out on any printer and start using today.

Current month & year Dated daily cells To Do list

One Line a Day Monthly Planner Templates will help you quickly create and check your schedule for the month ahead. A customizable layout is available for download in PDF format.

On the same page with this calendar, there is a task list in which you can leave various notes related to everyday affairs.

If you are interested in a calendar containing a double month per page, then this option was created just for you. Plan your schedule immediately 2 months ahead by downloading the PDF and printing the single sheet with the calendar.

This beautiful calendar can act as a real monthly planner. You will be able to print sheets for the whole year ahead, and then place the calendar both on your desk and on the wall. 

To be a well-organized and successful person, it's best to pre-plan your daily tasks and mark important dates on your calendar. Check out this pretty calendar with beautiful flower designs.