Birthday Calendar Templates

Browse the selection of the best birthday calendar templates available in various colors and styles designed to help you never forget important dates including birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions and events again. Customize online for free in minutes and download printable templates to print at the office or home.

Keeping a birthday calendar will help you don't forget important dates in the year. Please your loved ones with congratulations, whether they are warm words or nice gifts, this will make a person happier.

To remember the birthdays of your family, loved ones and friends, print out this handy Birthday Calendar.

Going about your daily activities, you can forget about important events, especially such as birthdays of loved ones and friends. To avoid these kinds of mistakes, start taking notes on your birthday calendar.

Birthday calendar template with a dark background, well-designed decorations, and cool font. Download the template in PDF format and print at home or office.

Colorful birthday calendar template designed to help you organize the birthdays in one place and never forget another birthday ever again. Download and print at home.

Stylish birthday calendar template with a rich color palette and nice calendar grid. Download this template in PDF format to organize all the important dates in one place easily.

Minimalist-inspired birthday calendar template with the classic monthly calendar grid and nice readable font. Download printable PDF to print it out yourself.

Yearly birthday calendar template to help you organize all the important dates on one single sheet. Download and print at home to never forget another birthday again.

Minimalist and spacious birthday calendar template designed to help you organize the dates of all the birthdays, anniversaries, events and occasions in one place. Download PDF and print. 

Lovely birthday calendar template with the blue background and nice balloons as the colorful decorations. Customize the size of a page, choose dates and download printable PDF.

Printable birthday calendar template with the purple background and nice font for your convenience. Download the monthly calendar and start using useful dates organizer today.

Printable birthday calendar template for a year with the confetti-inspired design built to help you organize your dates in a simple way on one page. Download and print with any printer.

Simple birthday calendar with a nice font to help you organize all the important dates easily. Choose the size and download printable PDF to start using the calendar asap.

Have you ever forgotten about someone’s birthday? And then had to reach out to a birthday boy or girl with the belated happy birthday wishes? You're not alone. It feels embarrassing, doesn’t it?

The good news is that there is a simple solution that allows you to avoid such situations and easily track the upcoming events so that you know in advance whose birthday is coming next and when it’s time to make a call, reserve a date for celebration, write a timely email or buy a gift.

Birthday Calendar Templates by Printsbery

The birthday calendar templates are available in different colors and styles. All templates feature unique fonts that look great when printed allowing for utmost readability and nice design composition that looks even better than Etsy handmade pieces.

The calendar templates come in easy to use PDF format that allows you to print the file out with any printer in a few clicks. If you want to use Microsoft word format, you can use a free online converter to change the format of a file. Besides, before downloading you can customize a few parameters:

  1. Page size (choose from A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter).
  2. Start day of the week (Sunday or Monday).
  3. Date range (choose the start date and end date for your birthday calendar).

The templates are designed to have nice margins allowing for comfortable use with binders and planners of all types. Before getting your watermark-free template make sure to download a free printable sample to give it a try and see if it’s going to work for you.

Download birthday calendar, print at the office or home and start using this simple tool to turn your birthday list into a convenient calendar, organize the reminders, track birthdays of your friends and family and stay on up to date with what's coming next with a perpetual birthday calendar. A great bonus is that these templates are compatible with digital note-taking apps like Goodnotes or Notability. If you use any of these apps, these are the templates to go with to create beautiful personal or family birthday calendar.