Teacher Planner Templates

Browse a selection of the best printable teacher planners designed to make your teacher's job easier and improve the quality of student education. Stay organized, manage your classroom efficiently, track attendance quickly, control academic performance, and tackle your day-to-day tasks with ease and enjoyment.

Teacher Planner Bundles: Buy more, save more

Become more productive with ultimate teacher planner template bundles. Create your unique diary, which will collect everything you need: lists of students, grades, attendance, lesson plans and many other useful sections for organizing teaching activities. All the templates inside the bundles are available in PDF format allowing you to use them both printed and digital.

Teacher Lesson Plan Templates

Start your new school year well organized and get the job done flawlessly with these handy templates that excellently complement your lesson planner. 

Create the perfect lesson plan by setting main goals and key priorities, keeping a personal to-do list, and writing down important learning tasks for you and your students.

Teacher Gradebook Templates

Whether your students are homeschoolers or attending classes, these templates are useful helpers when checking and assessing homework assignments, and tracking people's progress in detail. 

Select the layouts you like and print the required number of samples on the printer, adding them to your teacher planner.

Student Info & Call Home Log Templates

Write down information about your students and contact them if you have any questions related to study, academic performance, attendance, behavior, and so on.

Find the templates you are interested in, set the paper size you want, including A4, A5, Letter, or Half letter, and download them to a universal PDF file.

Class Attendance & Seating Chart Templates

Easily check who is in your lessons and who is missing. Create an optimal classroom seating chart, quickly review your student checklist, and motivate them to better learn your subject.

Reading Log Templates

Let your kids have fun learning to read and write! Give them these colorful reading log sheets and easily monitor children's knowledge. Develop the child's memory, teach him to share his own opinions, and draw conclusions about what this or that book teaches.

Password Log Templates

To remember all your passwords and logins from different accounts and to be sure that they are safe, it is worth using these helpful sheets for recording and tracking passwords. Easily view the authorization data from your accounts and quickly go to the necessary web resources, your favorite social networks, and so on.

Cornel Notes Templates

The Cornell method will help your students study the subject you teach more easily and effectively in both high school and college. Instead of long sentences, they will outline the key points of the lecture and focus on the most important details, which will allow them to quickly learn the necessary information and correctly sum up the results.

The teaching profession requires increased attention every working day and great responsibility towards students and their parents. To get rid of unnecessary stress and not get confused in your daily routine, you should do the proper organization of yourself and competent planning of all teacher assignments.

Start by creating an excellent curriculum. Prepare the necessary teaching materials and resources in advance in your lessons and lectures. Keep an attendance log, know the strengths and weaknesses of each student, communicate with students and teach them your subject easily and with pleasure. Be a trendy educator, choose a modern teaching method and keep improving yourself.