Fitness & Workout Templates

Browse through the selection of the best Fitness & Workout Templates, each of which will be great companions on your path to strength and health. You will be able to record your workout routines, keep a fitness journal, adhere to a personalized meal schedule, track your body condition, etc.

The Ultimate Success Kit – a powerhouse collection of planner templates meticulously crafted for the driven and ambitious.

Make your workouts as efficient as possible by recording related training information in the Daily Workout Log Template.

Training Focus Cardio (Time / Distance / Heart Rate / Calories Exercises Notes

Together with this handy template, planning your workouts and nutrition for every week ahead will be a simple and enjoyable process. Lead a healthy lifestyle, get rid of unnecessary stress, and enjoy what you do.

My Goals this week Daily Habits Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks

If you have fitness goals that you want to achieve, it's time to use this planner and create an optimal workout and nutrition schedule.

Breakfast Calories Snacks Lunch Dinner Total Calories Today's Goal Water Intake Exercise Thoughts Today's Score

Fitness trackers help track your daily activity related to eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. It's an excellent option for leading a healthy lifestyle, minimizing stress, and normalizing your daily routine.

Date Time / Breakfast / Calories Lunch Snack Supper Water Intake Tracker Resistance Training Exercise (Set, Rep, Weight Cardio (Exercise, time, cal, distance)

Sleep and a healthy lifestyle are the guarantees of our well-being. To find out how well you sleep and whether you lead the right lifestyle, you should use the Sleep & Wellness Tracker.

Whether you're a fitness professional or just tracking your daily, weekly, or monthly steps, this layout is exactly what you need! Check the number of steps, record the distance covered, and note what results in you have achieved.

Steps Tracker Challenge Focus Area To Help Keep Me On Track Reward Target / Achieved Monthly Steps Log Day / Steps / Distance

Track the number of steps taken using the Steps Plot Graph. The template will provide sections for tracking steps, viewing the days you took them and recording various notes.

Steps Plot Graph Steps Taken Days Of The Month Notes & Doodles

Tracking your daily walking and running activity will let you know how well you are doing with your fitness goals and help you keep track of your health.

Date Distance Time Heart Rate Resting Rate Pace

Are you trying to shed excess weight? Start measuring your body measurements with our handy templates.

Date Weight Clothing Size Body Fat Neck Chest Arms Wrists Waist Hips Thighs Calfs Ankles Weight Change Chart

To be healthy both physically and mentally, it is necessary to lead a correct lifestyle.

Wake Up Mood Energy Water Meals Bed Time Sleep (hrs)

Develop good habits, enjoy exercise, and reach your goals by being a happy, healthy, and motivated person. Track the progress of your tasks every day, check the results obtained and develop yourself every new day.

See for yourself how much easier and more convenient it is to write and track all of your fitness goals in the planner.

Goal Action Steps Why this is important

Begin effectively planning your fitness exercises, keeping track of moderate exercise, proper nutrition, and timely sleep. Be motivated to succeed, get stronger, improve your health, and confidently move towards your goal.

Date Exercise Wellbeing Item Dose/Time Sleep Notes

This Complex Fitness Template is specially designed to allow you to easily and conveniently monitor your sports activity and nutrition.

Time Breakfast Calories Resistant training (Exercise, Set, Reps) Water Intake Lunch Snack Supper Cardio (Exercise, Time, Call, Distance)

This Workout Plan Template will help you create a detailed schedule of your strength training exercises and outline your fitness program. Go to the gym with pleasure, mark workout days, and easily track your progress.

Week of section Date Activity Time Distance Sets Repeats Weight

If you go to the gym and keep an eye on your nutrition, be sure to use this handy template.

Date Exercise Wellbeing Sleep Item Dose/Time Notes

Take advantage of the modern system for tracking your body parameters, contributes to the effective burning of fat and the development of muscle mass. When you start losing those extra pounds, you will feel healthy and happy.

Neck Chest Arm Waist Hips Thighs Calves Body drawing with pointers

Make it your goal to improve your body and lead a healthy lifestyle. Take measurements of your body and track your progress with this handy template.

Date Weight Clothing Size Body Fat Neck Chest Arms Wrists Waist Hips Thighs Calfs Ankles Weight Progress Chart

If you are trying to lose weight, this useful tracker will help you record your current weight and then track your progress. Quickly and easily check your results every week, compare measurements and determine the total mass difference.

Date Weight Losing weight chart

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, using these Fitness & Workout Templates will make your training more smooth and effective. Develop an optimal plan to build each muscle group, including biceps, triceps, abs, legs, and so on. Make a meal schedule, stick to your diet, and record information about the foods you eat, tracking the content of proteins, carbohydrates, and other substances that are beneficial to the body.

You will begin to achieve success and become more and more muscular, you will be able to improve the level of your skills in bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting, or any other form of strength training. Choose your favorite templates, download them in PDF format and print the required number of sheets.