Yearly Calendar Templates

Discover the best year calendars templates available in various designs built to help you keep track of important dates, holidays, and reminders and even organize your goals for a year. Choose the 2024 yearly calendar you like the most and download 2024 calendar template to start making use of it at the office or home asap.

Manage your time efficiently and comfortably plan your business long-term with the Yearly Planner Templates.

Vertical yearly calendar featuring two-page format and small fields to make notes and set reminders. Download printable calendar template in PDF and print as many pages as you need at the office or home.

Current year 6 months on the page Vertical monthly sections Highlited weekends

Comfortably keep track of calendar dates, note which day scheduled meetings, different affairs, mark when birthdays of loved ones and friends, various holidays, and other events.

Customize the size of the horizontal template you are interested in, including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter. Specify the start and end dates for the calendar, and choose the week start day.

3-year Calendar is a great solution for those who prefer to plan things for the long term. This template features a beautiful botanical style that will delight your eyes every time you use the calendar. Available for download in PDF file.

A quarterly calendar is helpful for all occasions. You can mark anything in it, and most importantly, you can view all the notes for three months on one page. Choose the start and end dates of the calendar and download it in PDF format.

Use this layout to easily remember all the important dates that await you in 2024. Mark the days which scheduled different tasks, events, anniversaries, meetings, etc.

This vertically oriented annual calendar is created to help you convenient planning affairs for several months in advance.

With this handy Annual Calendar Layout, you will be able to prioritize correctly, organize the optimal work and leisure schedule, and effectively keep track of any tasks.

Use the Yearly Calendar Templates for 2024 - 2025, which allows you to describe the various tasks and key events that require your attention on a specific day or month.

2024 2025

A great Annual Calendar Layout that can serve as your organizer throughout the year.

Linear Yearly Calendar Templates will help you quickly and efficiently plan various affairs and track tasks at once on one single page. Be attentive and well-organized with the upcoming events for each month.

Event scheduling is the right decision for an active person, as it will help you remember important dates, always be well organized and achieve success in any endeavor.

This customizable calendar allows you to conveniently manage your finances, plan goals, and keep track of current tasks.

Enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of three-year calendars, keeping track of absolutely any tasks, regardless of whether it is a holiday, a business meeting, a vacation trip and much more.

The colorful design of this 3-year calendar will delight your eyes both in the office and at home. In addition to the beautiful design, you will be able to control all your affairs, plan tasks efficiently and manage your time wisely.

Get a convenient 3-year calendar on one page. Just select the years you are interested in, set the first day of the week (Sunday or Monday), and choose the appropriate sheet size.

Classic yearly calendar with the nice background and beautiful color palette. Choose the start day of the week, date range and save the calendar in PDF format to print at home.

Calendar template for a year with a dark background and simple layout. Customize the size, dates and first day of the week to save printable PDF and start using this calendar today.

Nice calendar template with the lovely font to use for this or next year and beyond. Choose the dates, page size, and download printable file with your calendar inside.

Beautiful calendar template with nice greenery and floral decorations and calligraphy font. Download printable calendar PDF now to start using the calendar today.

Enjoy graceful calendar template with the simple layout, lovely calligraphy font and nice decorations. Customize to your preferences and download printable PDF for use at home or office.

Simple calendar for 12 months with the formal design and visually good-looking font. Customize the year and download printable PDF with the calendar for a year. 

Current year 12 Months on the page Colored monthly sections

Choose the year and download a printable yearly calendar with the colored design. Customize the size of a page and save a file with calendar in PDF format on your computer.

Current year 12 Months on the page Colored monthly sections

Download printable yearly calendar for 12 months with the botanic-theme inspired design and simple user-friendly layout. Save this template in PDF format on your device and print out at home.

Current year 12 Months on the page Colored monthly sections

Simple printable calendar template featuring a one-page format and floral design. Customize the size of a page and choose the start day of the week to download this calendar in PDF format.

Current year month titles Weekends