Weekly Planner Templates

Discover simple and convenient weekly planner templates, weekly schedule templates and weekly calendars for 2024 and beyond, professionally designed for easy and efficient planning, goal-setting and time management. Organize your tasks, schedule appointments and keep track of your tasks with the well-thought-out planners to stay productive every single day.

Weekly Planner Bundles: Buy more, save more

Choose from a variety of dated and undated weekly planner templates that come inside well-designed bundles and get access to many templates at once. All the templates come in PDF format that allows you to use them printed and digital. Customize everything before downloading and enjoy unlimited access whenever you need a new planner sheet.

Week At A Glance Planner Templates

In this collection, you will find the most popular Week At A Glance Planners, created to make it easier and more convenient for you to plan your to-do list for the week. Organize a personal schedule, prioritize, properly allocate your time for the coming days, and efficiently handle important tasks.

One-Page Weekly Planners

Enjoy the convenience of one-page weekly blank calendar templates that allow you to see the entire week at a glance. Use single page weekly plan templates to get a compact weekly overview and jot down important things, capture the reminders, schedule your tasks and get things done easily.

Two-Page Weekly Planner

Enjoy comfortable weekly planning with the two-page weekly planner format that provides two pages per week meaning more space for your tasks and assignments as well as simple navigation between the days. Choose from different designs available in the collection and save in PDF on your device.

Weekly Hourly Planner Templates

Browse the selection of the best weekly calendars with hours for simple life and work schedule time management. Plan your week with the weekly hourly planning calendar, schedule appointments, organize your to-do's and keep all the commitments in one place using a convenient template.

Weekly To Do List Templates

Nail down your weekly task management with the Weekly To-Do List templates featuring a spacious and well-thought-out layout and organize your tasks for a week in one place easily. Download, print them out and schedule out the tasks, appointments, and assignments for an entire week from Monday through Sunday.

Weekly Planner With Calendar

Classic dated weekly planner templates featuring a miniature calendar for comfortable planning and time management. Discover the best weekly planner templates and save the one you like on your device in PDF format that's printable and compatible with all printers.

Horizontal Weekly Planner Templates 2024 - 2025

Check out the selection of the best Horizontal Weekly Planners designed to keep you well-motivated and organized. If you want to change your life for the better, it's time to start prioritizing and planning your main goals. It doesn't matter what direction you want to succeed in, be it work tasks, improving health, getting rid of bad habits, or any other thing, making a smart to-do list for the whole week will help you faster achieve positive results.

Welcome to the collection of the best weekly planner pages and blank weekly calendars featuring various layouts for efficient personal weekly work planning, chores management and more. Choose from 40+ templates, weekly schedule planner layouts, to-do lists and weekly planner templates featuring the best productivity tools for work planning and task management.

These weekly planning pages are made to turn your hectic life into an organized routine where you can plan your tasks one week ahead, make sure everything is on your weekly planning checklist, so you don't forget something important and accomplish your goals effortlessly. Unlike daily planner templates, this format provides you with more space and professionally-designed layouts for weekly planning worksheet that you can use as work, like or lesson plan templates.

Benefits that you get with Printsbery planner templates:

  1. Custom settings and personalization. Before downloading a template, you can customize the start day of the week (Sunday or Monday option), date range, start day of the week and the size of the template you need. Available sizes are: A4, A5, Filofax, Letter and Half Letter.
  2. Unique and user-friendly design. Each template is developed by independent artists while the design of each template is productivity-driven and built for maximum efficiency.
  3. Easy to use. Weekly planner printables are compatible with all the printers and can be printed out at the office or home.
  4. Versatility. Weekly schedule templates can provide great flexibility as you can use them both printed and digital.
    • Digital usage. All templates in this collection are compatible with your iPad or Android tablet and can be used via Goodnotes or similar apps.
    • Printed out. Each template can be printed and become an insert for your planner or binder or used as a standalone printout.

How to get a weekly planner template

  1. Choose the design that you like.
  2. Click on the image or title.
  3. Choose the start day of the week, date range (start & end date) of your planner and the size format you need.
  4. Click “Download” to get the PDF file.

Before buying a template, you can also download a free printable weekly planner demo version to see how it looks like and if it meets your expectations and you’d feel comfortable working with and organize your weekly and daily tasks schedule. Use free weekly planner templates samples to see if they work for you. Besides, you can always use a free online service to convert your PDF into excel or doc format to edit it with Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Who these templates are for

These cute weekly planner templates for 2024 2025 will work perfectly for:

  1. Stationery fans. If you like high-quality stationery and prefer pen and paper to digital apps, then this type of productivity tools will help you stay productive and organized from Monday through Friday easily.
  2. Visual thinkers. If you’re just like 65% of the general population, who processes the information better visually then you probably know the power of handwriting. Use these templates to create a useful printable PDF planner that will help you crush your goals this year.
  3. Productivity geeks. If you are into all things productivity then you know that planning is a key. Discover the best layouts for weekly planners and find a tool that will work for you and will help you stop being busy and become really productive instead.

How to print the weekly planner templates

Ready-made templates by Printsbery are ready to print too. Therefore you won’t have any issues to turn PDFs into prints. We took care of everything and simplified the process so you only need to click of a button.

As soon as you customize the settings and download printable weekly planner PDF document you can go ahead and print it out on your printer at office or at home.

  1. Open a PDF file that you got with your Chrome or Firefox browser. Alternatively, via Adobe Acrobat if you will.
  2. Click “Print”.
  3. Check the printer properties and use customizable settings to make sure it does fit well.
  4. Edit the size of the page and a number of pages per sheet if you need.
  5. Click “Confirm & Print” to get the templates printed.

Please enjoy simple weekly planning with blank printable weekly calendar templates designed to help you organize your schedule, to-do list tasks, appointments and hourly agenda and keep track of everything including important dates, birthdays and holidays. Discover more printable planners for various goals ranging from daily weekly monthly yearly planners to menu meal prep planners in the Planner Templates section to download them and create a perfect personal planner.


What are the best planners in this collection?

This totally depends on your goals, work and lifestyle as well your personal preferences regarding the productivity tools that you feel comfortable working with. Daily planners work great for day-to-day planning while weekly and monthly planners are for more long-term planning and big projects.

What sizes are avaialble?

Every printable weekly planner template is available in popular sizes such as A4, A5, US Letter Paper and Half Letter Paper Size