Project Manage Templates

Regardless of the scope of your activity, handy templates from this collection will help you create a professional project management plan. Start by planning goals and a to-do list for the month ahead, prioritize and comfortably track progress. Introduce and promote new products, view how much supplies you have, leave reminders to meet with clients and business partners. Let your paper project plan bring material success in real life!

Conduct an audit of your financial affairs and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the business at the moment.

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

With this helpful template, you can quickly and accurately indicate what is on the meeting agenda.

Meeting Name Date Time Location Attendees Next Meeting Topic Feedback

Designating priority tasks and deadlines for their completion is one of the best practices for organizing a successful meeting.

Meeting Name Date Time Location Number Action Deadline

Meeting Agenda Templates will help set the main objectives of a meeting, conference, or presentation, prioritize and write down the things that will be discussed.

Company / Topic Date Time Next Meeting Sheduler For Things To Discuss Quick Meeting Notes Meeting Notes Things To Do

Take notes of the meeting as efficiently as possible by capturing the main points discussed in this template. With it, no one detail will be missed, all important information will be with you, and you can view it if necessary.

Topics Presenter Discussion Decision / Action Responsible Key Date

This template is suitable for preparing and writing information for upcoming formal and informal meetings.

Details Meeting Date / Time Location Note Taker Meeting Objectives Attendees Name Phone Number Email Address Agenda Topic Presenter Time Allotted

Develop an effective meeting action strategy, set priorities and goals, delegate the decisions made to the people involved in the project.

Date Time Location Subject Attendees Agenda Action Items In Charge Due Date

Create a well-thought-out meeting plan, take notes on the issues discussed, assign presenters and attendees, set deadlines for the completion of existing tasks, etc.

Meeting Title Date Time Place Objectives Presenters Attendees Agenda / Notes Brainstorm / Sketch Task / Actions Task Owner Deadline

Stay up-to-date with the essence of the meeting, from its topic to the details of the tasks under consideration and planned actions.

Date Meeting Title Presenter Attendees Objective Notes / Agenda Brainstorm / Sketch Main Points Actions Due

Being organized and having detailed information about the upcoming meeting and what will be on the agenda will make it much easier to discuss important issues with the attendees.

The preliminary creation of a communication plan will allow you to identify objectives and understand the priorities for the implementation of the project.

Item / Event Purpose Audience Date / Frequency Who Responsible Authority To Release

Planning quarterly goals is one of the most successful projects development strategies and is often practiced in business coaching. Think carefully about your action plan for the three months ahead, and write your thoughts into this template.

Quarterly Goals Plan For Three Months Notes

Once you've partnered with suppliers, record their info in the supplier information form. If necessary, you can quickly contact the supplier in a convenient way for you and discuss the details of completed and upcoming orders.

Website Email Delivery Time Address Products Contact Phone Payment Method Notes

For your business to flourish and successfully develop, you need to regularly compare and evaluate suppliers.

Date Product Supplier (Supplier / Price)

The practice of brainstorming will help you unload your mind, learn to concentrate on important tasks without experiencing unnecessary problems, and free yourself from stress.

Date Must Want Maybe To-Do List Other

Track how your business is progressing, whether the necessary tasks have been completed and the required goals have been achieved.

Business Name Website Address Email Phone Description Goal Date Achieved Target Customer Profile Social Media

With this template, you can prepare and organize a meeting with colleagues to discuss the project in detail.

Meeting Planner Title Start Date Due Date Completed On Attendees Absentees Key Milestones

Project planning layouts offer you an efficient way to develop a strategy for the implementation of your project. Start by creating a list of objectives and an action plan to successfully grow your business.

Project Start Date Deadline To Do Ideas Completed Date Notes

Everything you need to do in a month can be recorded and tracked in the Monthly Planner Template. It is the most convenient way to be organized and successfully cope with all the tasks that require your attention.

Month Daily Notes Priorities To Do Notes

Leave notes about meetings, so as not to forget about upcoming events and keep abreast of key information about current tasks.

Date Time Subject Location Agenda Attendees Action Items In Charge Due Date

Use the Pomodoro Technique to increase your productivity while completing your daily tasks. Keep your priorities in mind, don't overwhelm yourself with lingering work, and take timely breaks.

Day TOP Priorities Details Target Actual Time Spend Start Time / End Time / Tast Breaks / Details