Greeting Cards

Choose from various professionally-designed card templates and create your own personalized greeting cards for all occasions and all types of events via free online card maker that's fast and easy. Customize in minutes and get personalized cards for birthday, wedding, anniversary, mother's day, retirement, engagement, thank you cards, and more.

Birthday Cards

Browse the wonderful selection of birthday cards and find happy birthday cards for kids, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, spouses, grandparents, best friends and so many other relationships. Customize the templates online, personalize the wording, and design to make the cards match the celebrant's style and personality. Get the printable file, order high-quality prints, or send the greetings online.

Congratulations Cards

Browse the selection of beautiful artist-designed congratulations cards that you can personalize online in minutes to save in PDF, get eCard format or order high-quality prints. Enjoy the variety of styles for a wide range of occasions and customize lovely templates to create your own unique cards.

Thank You Cards

Browse the selection of the best thank you cards, choose from various designs for all occasions, and customize them online to create a unique and beautiful card that will express your gratitude and show your appreciation. We offer a wide variety of styles and colors that can be tailored to fit your individual needs fast and easy via free online card maker.

Do you know of a special occasion coming up? What better way to help celebrate than by sending a greeting card? The tradition of sending greeting cards began with early Egyptians and ancient Chinese where they would exchange messages of goodwill to help celebrate a New Year and other occasions. The tradition is still strong today with many people sending cards for holidays such as anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, engagements, baby showers, and many others. Greeting cards come in many styles from sentimental to funny, depending on what relationship you share with the recipient.

Advantages of Personalized Cards

There’s nothing better than a personalized greeting card. It not only lets the recipient know you’re thinking about them, but it allows you to convey the message you want to send. Sure you can go to a local store and purchase an already made card, but those are generic and used time after time by countless people. A customized card is uniquely yours and won’t be duplicated. The messages contained in store-bought cards are written to relate to just about anyone, but with a personalized card you can create your own message using your words - not someone else’s. 

All of our greeting card templates can be 100% customized. Once you choose the perfect template you’ll gain access to an online editor. The free editor will allow you to change all aspects of the font, move around the design, and add personal photos to make the card look exactly how you want. The best part is you don’t have to know anything about coding or graphic design. Our system gives you the ability to be as creative as you wish, from the overall look to the message conveyed - the card will be what you make it. Once you’ve tailored the card you can download it directly to your computer in PDF or PNG format for digital delivery. You also have the option to order a professionally printed version directly from our site for a reasonable price.

Our Greeting Card Collection

In our selection of greeting cards you will find every occasion mentioned above as well as wedding cards, anniversary cards, happy birthday cards, mother's day cards, thank you cards, get well cards, everyday and Christmas cards, sympathy cards, and many more. Each card is professionally designed by a designer or artist, so there’s a unique card for everyone. You’ll simply choose a beautiful template from a variety of exclusive card designs and customize it as you wish via online card maker and add a personalized message or signature so that it meets your needs and matches your personality. Fast and easy.

Available Formats

As we mentioned the design isn’t the only thing you can customize. You also have options on the format you wish to receive the card in. If you’d like you can download the greeting card in PNG or PDF format to print at home or send as an eCard. The other option is to order prints from our site that we’ll print on card paper and send them directly to you. 

Regardless of which format you choose, you will love your custom design, and so will the person receiving it. Are you looking for any other stationery like invitations? Please feel free to check out other collections with the artist-designed templates for cards and invitations for all occasions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our greeting cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here and happy to help in any way!


Should I send cards via mail or online?

Either way works. It's totally up to you. eCards are easier and faster. Meanwhile printed cards set a stronger emotional tone and allow a recipient to keep a card for years.

Can I print these cards at home?

Absolutely, yes! You can customize a design you like and download a printable file with the card inside in PDF format. So you can print it at home or print shop to mail it out then.