Anniversary Cards

Browse the selection of wedding anniversary cards available in various designs and colors. Discover a wide range of artist-designed romantic, sweet, cute and funny anniversary cards, customize them online for free and create unique cards to send your warm anniversary greetings to the couple who celebrates their marriage milestone.

Your love is one of a kind and your marriage anniversary card should be too! Regardless if you’re celebrating your 50th year together or your 1st special day or 25th anniversary, it’s special nonetheless. Maybe you’re not even searching for a happy anniversary card for yourself, but for your mom dad, grandparents, or other special couples you know. Regardless of whom you’re shopping for, it’s a great idea to consider a custom anniversary card. We offer a wide variety of styles such as funny, sentimental, elegant, and more. We have something for everyone!

Advantages of Custom Anniversary Cards

There’s nothing better than receiving a custom anniversary card. It really makes the person receiving the card feel special. There are many advantages to choosing a custom card versus buying a premade one by Hallmark or a similar brand at the store. First, you can create one that says exactly what you want, and even include the person’s name. Yet, most importantly this is the more personal way to go, as you can customize it 100% to look exactly how you want it to.

Our anniversary cards are all designed by professional artists, so they are beautiful and unique. We offer free access to an editor that’s simple to use and does not require the user to possess any previous skills with coding or design. The editor allows you to change all aspects of the design. You can add a favorite photo, edit all font details, change the background, and even move the design around to make card look just as you want it. After you finish the design you can order a professional print directly from our site. We guarantee that prints will look as good as those handmade Etsy cards you probably got inspiration from. We will print the card and mail it to you. If you’d rather print it at home you can do that as well by saving a final design in PDF. Also you can download it, PNG to send animated or static eCards digitally.

Anniversary Card Etiquette

An anniversary card can be whatever you want to make it. Generally, people lean toward sentimental cards. This is an occasion where you’re supposed to show your love for your significant other, so fun and humorous cards are less popular. However, the wording used on your card should be specific for you and your spouse. Purchase or create a card that shares your memories and says exactly how you feel about sharing another year of life together.

If the anniversary card is for a couple who you know it’s popular to find an amazing card that commemorates the type of relationship they have. For example, if you are buying a card for your parents it may convey a meaningful message that means you always look up to them as a model for the relationship you want to have. Regardless, there is no such thing as a rule of thumb when it comes to how to write happy anniversary wishes. So long as you are comfortable with the anniversary message contained, that’s all that matters.

Just keep in mind that when you give this kind of card really does matter. If the card is for your significant other you’ll want to be sure to give the card the day of your anniversary. This is also a great delivery day for others as well. When mailing the card remember to allow at least four or five days to reach the person.

If you need assistance with the perfect anniversary card, please contact us today! We are available anytime to help!