Retirement Cards

Check out the selection of the best Retirement Greeting Cards to make a great gift for someone who is already out or about to retire. Present the postcard to your relative, friend, or coworker, having customized it according to your preferences, including writing personal congrats and adding photos.

Save the design in PDF, print it, or order a printed postcard with delivery, and also you can send a congratulatory message over the Internet.

Whether it’s one of your parents, a friend, or a mentor at the office, when retirement is announced, it’s a reason to celebrate. Retirement often feels like a faraway dream. Once it happens, all those years of hard work have finally paid off. Now you can honor their career with a personalized retirement card in a style that fits theirs.

From traditional to comical and everything in between, our selection of retirement cards are fully customizable to personalize your best wishes, change the fonts, and select the colors. There’s no fiddling with complex coding procedures or trying to build a design from scratch. Our templates make it easy to choose artist-designed retirement cards and tailor them to your needs.

Once you’ve got everything set, you’ll be able to download the PDF or you can order it printed to make your favorite retiree’s day!

Why Choose Us?

Retirement is a milestone we all spend day after day, hour after hour trying to achieve. When someone we know gets there, it’s only fitting to congratulate their efforts. Now their fun begins so let them know with encouraging words. Our retirement cards come in a great array of varieties that can be customized your way.

Whether the retiree is someone in your inner circle or someone important at your office, it’s in good taste to give a card offering your best wishes. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend hours looking for the perfect one. Our designs make it easy to choose, easy to customize, and easy to give in merely moments so you can get back to the grind and work on getting to your own retirement too!

Etiquette Rules for Retirement Cards

As soon as you get the big news about your mom, dad, uncle, friend, or colleague retiring, it’s time to get a card together. The sooner you send it, the better, which is why our retirement cards are a smart option since you can have one ready in minutes.

But what should you say in your personalized retirement card? It depends on your relationship to the person that’s retiring. If your interactions are more formal, you will want to keep it professional, polite, and simple. It’s a nice gesture to mention you enjoyed working with someone. For someone that helped you grow into your position over the years, thanking them for inspiring you and training you should be included.

As for those in your close circle of friends and loved ones, feel free to get mushy with sentiment or run in the opposite direction and make jokes. The only rule is that it must fit their personality. So if your dad doesn’t take jokes well, stick with something honest and kind and save the humor for someone who will take it well.

With all kinds of retirement cards to personalize, you’re sure to find the exact match for any retiree you know!