Birthday Cards For Dad

Choose from 20+ designs of wonderful birthday cards for your daddy's birthday or milestone. Customize the templates online for free in minutes and download unique literally handmade designs in PDF or PNG format to send the card printed or digital. Enjoy the variety of awesome artist-made designs and choose the one that will make your father smile and help you show your dad how grateful you are for everything he has done for you.

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Happy birthday card template for your dad's birthday. Customize the wording and design to your preferences online in minutes and download wonderful card in minutes.

Minimalist theme-inspired dad's birthday card with a cool design and nice font. Customize the wording online, move elements around if necessary and get your custom card ready in minutes.

Your dad is a special man, who you owe your existence to. So, to honor him it’s a great idea to throw him a special party. Getting his friends and family to celebrate with him will really make him feel special. The best part is that the birthday party can feature any theme that is important to him. For example, it can focus on fishing, hunting, sports, or anything else he really likes. This collection offers bright and colorful designs with cool decorations and fonts.

This theme will carry through every stage of planning. It’s always fun to find food and drink that you can incorporate into the theme, as well as party decorations, invitations, and even his birthday card.

Advantages of Personalized Birthday Cards

Sure you can buy your dad a generic hallmark birthday card from the nearest store, but those have been used by countless others. Personalizing a birthday card can help make the message less generic and more suited for your individual relationship with your father. You can say the things you’d like to say rather than using a pre-written greeting card. 

Our happy birthday dad cards are created by professionals, so they are unique and tastefully created. After choosing the perfect card template we give you access to a free editor that allows you to tailor the card to suit your needs. You don’t have to have any previous experience with computer coding or design as it’s that easy to use! The online editor allows you to change all font characteristics such as color, size, and style. It also allows you to move elements of the design around as you choose and upload a favorite photo of your dad or simply delete something that you don't like. It’s basically your template to do whatever you please with! 

After choosing the perfect birthday card and customizing it how you wish you can print it out at home by downloading it to your computer in PDF, PNF, or JPG format. Yet, if you’d rather have a professionally printed copy you can order it from us, and we’ll mail it to you.

Etiquette for Dad’s Birthday Card

When wording your dad’s birthday card you should do what feels comfortable. It doesn’t have to be formal but should convey the message you wish to send. So, if your amazing dad has a good sense of humor you may choose to go with a funny message. On the other hand, if you and he are more sentimental feel free to let the emotions flow. The best part about a personalized birthday card is that you can say whatever you wish. So just make sure to add some personalised and thoughtful birthday wishes. Your daddy will appreciate it.

If you are planning a party for him to celebrate dad day, go ahead and give it to him on the day of the party along with the birthday gifts dad. Alternatively, if your father lives far away from you and you’re required to mail the card be sure to give yourself plenty of time. Generally, three to five days before his birthday will ensure that it arrives on time. However, you don’t want to send it too early as it’s always best to receive a card on or at least near your special day. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding birthday cards for dad, contact us today. We’re always happy to help. 

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