Family Birthday Cards

Choose from dozens of designs and customize birthday card templates online in minutes to create perfect birthday greeting cards for your relatives and family members. Personalize the cards, write happy birthday wishes and messages and add a personal touch to reach out to your closest ones in style and congratulate them in a lovely way.

Birthday Cards For Brother

Browse the selection of birthday cards for brother designs featuring various designs, color palettes, and fonts. Choose the design with your brother's favorite colors and decorations and use the free online card maker to edit the templates and create your own unique and personalized birthday greeting card to reach out to your brother in style and wish him happy birthday.

Birthday Cards For Dad

Choose from 20+ designs of wonderful birthday cards for your daddy's birthday or milestone. Customize the templates online for free in minutes and download unique literally handmade designs in PDF or PNG format to send the card printed or digital. Enjoy the variety of awesome artist-made designs and choose the one that will make your father smile and help you show your dad how grateful you are for everything he has done for you.

Birthday Cards for Grandpa

Look at the selection of Grandad Birthday Cards, choose your favorite card, and prepare it for your grandfather's birthday. Write how much you love your precious grandpa, show your gratitude and appreciation for the fact that he is in your life. Let your congratulations evoke a smile, joy, and inspiration, and a loved one knows what a thoughtful grandson or granddaughter he has.

Enjoy a free online editor where you can adjust the color, size, and position of the text, add a photo, and more. Send the finished postcard in a way convenient for you, including a message over the Internet, mailing a printed postcard, or handing it in person.

Granny Birthday Cards

Take a look at the best customizable Grandma Birthday Cards, choose the one you like, and create a unique birthday present for your granny. Write your sincere happy birthday wishes, remember the best moments spent with your beloved gran. Let your loved one get a lot of positive emotions, rejoice at your cute gift and be proud of her grandchildren.

To set up ecards, use a convenient online editor that allows you to edit text, add a photo and make other settings according to your preferences. Download the ready-made postcard in PDF or JPEG format, and then you can send it to the recipient via the Internet or print and hand it in person at the meeting.

Birthday Cards for Husband

Browse our selection of the best Husband's Birthday Cards to make a unique and creative gift for your man. Do not miss the opportunity to write heartfelt wishes for your loved one, and tell how much you appreciate him and how grateful you are to him for having him.

Be sure such a cool gift will make your spouse happier and more fun. In addition, he will be able to re-read it at any time and will always know that you love him. Choose the postcard you like, write a congratulatory text, add a photo and customize the rest of the design elements. The finished card can be downloaded in the popular PDF or JPEG format and sent over the Internet.

Mom Birthday Cards

Browse a selection of the best Birthday Mom Cards and gift any of them to your mother for a special day. With the help of a free online editor, you can customize the postcard in detail, add your own text and photos.

Even if you and your beloved mummy are hundreds of miles apart, you can easily send her a gift online. Let your heartfelt words sincerely delight your mother and remind her of how much you love and appreciate her.

Birthday Cards For Sister

Browse the selection of the beautiful birthday greeting cards featuring various happy birthday theme-inspired designs, fabulous color palettes and cute decorations. Customize the happy birthday sister card templates online to add a personal touch, write a short birthday message to create a unique card with the happy birthday greetings.

Birthday Cards for Wife

Check out these wonderful Birthday Cards for Wife, in which you can write warm congratulations to your beloved woman. Make your wife a beautiful and unique gift by sending her any of the greeting cards presented in the collection.

Customize the content of your postcard according to your preferences, add text and photos, edit the item's location, etc. Choose the postcard you like, personalize it and send it to your dear wife.

Browse the rich selection of birthday cards featuring custom designs for mum and dad, grandparents, namely grandpa and grandma, son and daughter, spouse, husband or wife, nephew and niece, and of course for your sibling, namely brother, and sister. Overall, here you can find various templates designed to help you create perfect birthday cards and ecards for your family.

Choose the template you like, open it via our free online editor and customize the text and color palette to make the card look the way you want it to. As soon as you are done, save it in PDF format to print later or in PNG to send online via social media or SMS. Alternatively, consider ordering printed cards with the chosen design to send the physical greeting cards the classic old-fashioned way.

Create awesome cards and have fun!