Birthday Cards For Sister

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Stylish birthday card for sister with the black background and pink and white balloons featuring nice font. Customize via free online editor and download a lovely card for your sister.

Happy birthday card for a sister with a colorful design and nice font. Customize via free online card editor, change colors, text, and font to download a unique birthday card.

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Get a colorful happy birthday card for a sister featuring nice decorations and bright design. Use free online editor to add a personal touch and make necessary changes. 

Birthday card for sister with the nice design featuring pink background along with the birthday-inspired pattern. Personalize this card and change the elements on design if necessary and download it or order prints. 

Minimalist birthday card for sister with the lovely font and small decorations on the bottom of the card. Customize via the online editor and download printable PDF or order printed cards for an affordable price.

Watercolor birthday card design with the raccoon and air balloon paintings featuring gentle font. Customize online in minutes and save the personalized design in PDF or order prints.

Very colorful and superhero theme-inspired birthday card for sister featuring marvelous font and rich color palette. Download printable cards or order custom prints with a unique design.

They say sisters are your first best friends. Whether they always shared with you or snagged your last slice of cake, let her know she is the icing on the cake for her next birthday. Show your wonderful sister some love in a fun and teasing way or with something that makes your sis smile and her eyes tear up.

When you customize a birthday card for your amazing sister, you can truly make it as unique as she is. Add your own memories, inside jokes, and childhood photos for a card you can’t get anywhere else. Our designs come in a variety of styles and colors that will be the right match for your dear sister. 

You don’t need to be a whiz at coding or know a thing about designing to make your sister a birthday card she’ll always treasure. Our templates allow you to personalize and customize your design selection the way you want it in just a few clicks. When you’re done, you can download it as a PDF or order the print and send it off just in time to greet your sister on her birthday! Alternatively, you can save a design in PNG to send your birthday wishes for little sister with the birthday ecards. Thanks to social media it's easy now.

Why Choose Printsbery Birthday Cards

If you’ve ever realized you spent 30 minutes or more browsing through birthday card selections at your local store, it’s time to end the madness. Our birthday cards for sisters are easy to browse through, plus you have the added advantage of taking these artist-driven designs and personalizing them. You can’t do that with other birthday cards!

Sisters are special in so many ways and for all the love, support, and laughs she’s given you over the years, she deserves a card that is made for her. Lucky for you, our templates are a piece of cake to maneuver so you’ll find the perfect birthday card for your sister right here, year after year, every day. Now with all the time you save on getting the best birthday card, you’ll have more time to shop for her gift!

Etiquette Rules for Birthday Cards for Sister

Most people don’t realize that there is a code of etiquette to follow when giving a birthday card to their sister. Fortunately, it’s not very complicated. The first rule is that you use the reminders. We're all very busy and sometimes life just gets in a way. So make sure you don't miss the date.

The second tip is that you should acknowledge your sister’s birthday. Calling her is important if you can’t make it in person. But whether you’re able to see her or not, a card that's wishing happy birthday is the best way to let her know you care. Even if she doesn't organize a party to celebrate her birthday, make sure you reach out to her on this special day to say "May your wishes come true".

Gifts should never be a hardship on the giver. She’s your sister though, and even a small token is a sweet gesture if you can manage it. If not, our birthday cards for sisters are affordable and personal options. They’d be even better with a gift card enclosed.

Personalizing your birthday card for your sister is a fun way to make her day extra special. However, if you’re presenting it at a big gathering, it might be best to keep inside jokes to yourselves. The other guests will feel left out, plus if anything you say is slightly embarrassing, your sister may not appreciate the joke. Or if she’s the cunning sort, she’ll be angling to return the favor on your next birthday by customizing one of our cards for you!