Birthday Cards For Him

Check out a selection of the best Birthday Greeting Cards For Him, choose the layout you like, and create a unique greetings card using the convenient online editor. You can customize the design elements as you wish, from writing text with congrats to adding cute photos.

Let your warm and heartfelt words on his BDay cause him a smile and a feeling of joy. More often please your husbands, brothers, fathers, and kids by taking a direct part in their lives. Inspire and surprise, be proud of your men, do not hesitate to devote beautiful words to them, and enjoy sincere joy in return.

After editing and downloading Birthday Ecards For Him, you can send them to the recipient in any way convenient for you. It can be a paperless email or a message on the social network, sending a printed letter by post, or handing over a postcard at a personal meeting with the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday Card For Him is a cool surprise for a man on his special day. Use a free online editor to customize and personalize the greeting card, you can write a happy birthday greeting yourself and add photos.

If you are looking for both beautiful and funny birthday cards, then choose this Happy Birthday Card, decorated with a cool balloon with bright stars around it.

This funny Birthday Card For Him will surely please your child. Make for him a unique gift and have fun celebrating B-Day.

Write him your best wishes for his birthday and send the ecard to the desired address or via the Internet.

Thinking about what to give a man on B-Day? Why not choose this cool postcard that you can personalize as you wish!

Choose this stylish Happy Birthday Card to gift him. Write your wishes, add a photo, adjust the dimensions of the layout, and so on. Be sure that this congratulation will delight your loved one and make him happier.

Write your birthday wishes in this wonderful postcard, download it in a format convenient for you and send it to the birthday boy.

Are you going to make a present for a man on B-Day? Don't forget to create a unique greeting card for him! Just a few clicks in our free online editor, and you can customize everything you need.

Maybe he’s your one and only. Maybe he’s your best friend. Maybe he’s a little of both! For every special guy in your life, customizing birthday cards for him shows him just how much you care. 

Artistic, funny, cartoonish, and plenty of other styles await your selection. Our super-simple template takes all the guesswork out of designing the perfect birthday card. You won’t ever have to spend hours browsing for one that has just the right imagery and sentiments. You get to personalize it your way without any coding or design know-how under your belt. 

In just a few clicks, you can change the fonts and colors, and include your own personal message to make him feel adored on his birthday. Once you’re ready, choose to download the PDF or order the print and you’ll be ready to help him celebrate in style!

Why Printsbery Birthday Cards

Sometimes, finding the perfect birthday card for him seems like an impossible chore. You might love the artwork but the message inside isn’t a match for how you feel. With our unique artist-designed creations, you can find a design you’ll love and put whatever you want inside.

Feel free to add your own inside jokes or confess your undying love. It’s all up to you. With customizable birthday cards for him, you’ll never have to waste time finding the perfect card for any man in your life. That leaves you time for more important things like finding a cake, planning a party, and shopping for gifts!

Etiquette Rules for Birthday Cards for Him

Wondering what you should know about giving him a birthday card? It will all depend on who he is. For family and close friends, you should choose a card that reflects their personality. If he happens to be a funny guy who likes a laugh, choosing something silly will be appreciated. The same isn’t true though if it’s your boss. You should keep it simple when it comes to anyone you work with.  

What if you’ve just started dating this guy? Then you won’t want to go overboard with something too personal. Those three little words might be a bit much, however, when you create a personalized birthday card for him, it will show him you value what you’ve got going on without revealing all your feelings. 

When it’s his birthday, be sure to call too. There’s nothing like hearing the voice of someone you love on the other end. If possible, make sure you see the birthday boy and deliver your personalized card in person. That way, you can see their face light up with joy when they see you’ve taken the time to create something made just for them!