Congratulations Cards

Browse the selection of beautiful artist-designed congratulations cards that you can personalize online in minutes to save in PDF, get eCard format or order high-quality prints. Enjoy the variety of styles for a wide range of occasions and customize lovely templates to create your own unique cards.

Anniversary Cards

Browse the selection of wedding anniversary cards available in various designs and colors. Discover a wide range of artist-designed romantic, sweet, cute and funny anniversary cards, customize them online for free and create unique cards to send your warm anniversary greetings to the couple who celebrates their marriage milestone.

Baby Shower Cards

The birth of a baby is a huge miracle, and on the eve of this adorable event, the parents-to-be are celebrating a baby shower. Stick to etiquette and give your loved ones a unique surprise. Check out the selection of the best baby shower greeting cards and choose the one you like.

Congratulate the couple on the upcoming addition to the family. Let a lot of love, joy, financial well-being, and peace of mind reign in their family with the birth of a little one.

Engagement Cards

Check out the selection of the best Engagement Greeting Cards with which you can beautifully congratulate a couple on their engagement. Choose the layout you like and customize the personalized postcard according to your preferences.

Wish the bride and groom to celebrate their wedding merrily, blossom and develop in life together, love each other forever, achieve all goals and always successfully overcome any obstacles. You can send the created postcard in any convenient way, how to print and hand it in person or order postal delivery or send it via the Internet.

Graduation Cards

Graduations are a time to commend great achievements. It doesn’t matter if your graduate is finishing preschool, heading off to high school, college, or the real world. When you have a graduate in your own household, your extended family, or even among close friends, the occasion should be marked with personalized graduation cards.

Retirement Cards

Check out the selection of the best Retirement Greeting Cards to make a great gift for someone who is already out or about to retire. Present the postcard to your relative, friend, or coworker, having customized it according to your preferences, including writing personal congrats and adding photos.

Save the design in PDF, print it, or order a printed postcard with delivery, and also you can send a congratulatory message over the Internet.

The realization of the fact that you’ve finally achieved a goal is a great reward itself. However, the validation and recognition of success by the people who surround you is a huge reward too. People seek the opportunity to hear the words “Well done! You did it!”. So don’t ignore the chance to congratulate someone for their milestones, accomplishments, important life events, and simply a great job. To do this, send a congratulations card saying how proud you are and how much you are inspired by their accomplishments.

This collection offers cards for all occasions: anniversary, graduation, wedding congratulations, new job, new home, engagement, new baby, and more. Choose from a great variety of designs the one that matches the occasion as well as your personality, colors, and style.

Here you can find the designs that will help you congratulate a grad with graduating from the school; happy couple with getting engaged and married as well as send warmest wishes for an arrival of a new member of their family; your parents or friends for celebrating an anniversary; your colleagues for getting a new job, being promoted, retiring or moving to a new home, and so much more.

All in all, you can choose the design and customize the wording that will match the occasion. Speaking of wording, it’s where you can set the tone for your cards. However, you don’t need to be over meticulous. It’s enough to say something simple and straightforward like “So happy for you” or “Well done! Way to go!” just to show how much you care and how much you appreciate their achievement.

Personalized Congratulations Cards

The templates you see here are 100% customizable and easy to edit. We guarantee that it will be super easy to edit the designs using a free online card maker. You can personalize the text by changing its font, size, and position as well as play around with the design, upload photos or add other elements easily. Moreover, it’s a great chance to make your greeting card truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Once you are done customizing a card, you can save it as a printable file in PDF format to later ask pros for printing or DIY at home. Alternatively, you can save an eCard in PNG format or order high-quality prints from us with the delivery to your address. Be sure that they are going to be not worse than handmade cards from Etsy and definitely better than generic Hallmark ones.

Congratulations Cards Wording and Etiquette

How to write congratulations card message? This is the question that gets a lot of people paralyzed and stops them from taking action. However, the thing is that there shouldn't be anything difficult in composing a warm congratulations message. You can go with the simple "Best wishes" and "Congrats" or add more sentiments to your message and express your emotions in a longer form note.

Despite some people argue that cards are outdated and now it’s all about social media and stuff, we are firmly convinced that the old-fashioned cards are definitely still a wonderful way to show your appreciation, your care, and your emotions.