Birthday Thank You Cards

Browse the selection of the best professionally-designed birthday thank you cards, customize them online via free drag-n-drop editor, add your thank note and save your perfect card design in the format that you like. The cards like these are usually sent out to the guests who attended your birthday party and who you want to thank for their gifts and warm wishes. Enjoy!

After the birthday cake has been cut and the balloons have deflated, it’s time to get down to business and send out those birthday thank you cards. Your guests came to celebrate your trip around the sun with gifts in hand. Make sure you acknowledge those gifts properly.

Our selection of birthday thank you cards come in a grand array of styles. Whether it was your child’s birthday or your own, birthday thank you cards are a must in the world of etiquette. For children, it teaches them to keep up good manners with good habits that will carry them into adulthood.

Choose from our artist-designed birthday thank you cards to match your birthday party invitation. You’ll find so many styles that you’ll love. Once you narrow it down, you can customize it with our easy-to-use template. Change the fonts and colors and then personalize it to make it more meaningful.

No coding or design skills are necessary. If you can point and click, you’ve got it. Make short work of getting those birthday thank you cards out on time by downloading the completed PDF or have it printed. It just takes a few clicks and you’ll be done!

Why Choose Printsbery?

While it’s important to send out birthday thank you cards, it can often feel like a chore. Just like cleaning up the party though, it must be done. Our unique birthday thank you cards help you show your appreciation to every guest with ease. You just choose the design that you like, customize it online, save on your device and then print or send digitally! Before purchasing a final design, you can download a free sample to see if it looks adorable enough.

We make it easy to adhere to etiquette standards while matching your theme. Instead of letting your hand tire by writing out countless cards, you can personalize them all for a truly special finishing touch. 

Etiquette Rules for Birthday Thank You Cards

After the clowns go home from your child’s first birthday, you might be wondering if you have to send out birthday thank you cards. The answer is yes! It doesn’t matter if your child is too young to write. The task goes to you as a parent until your child is old enough to write by themselves.

You can have them attach the stamps when they’re little to help you complete them. As they get bigger, have them create their own thoughtful messages for friends and family members in the thank you cards while you handle the addresses. Children should be taught this essential skill which always creates a lasting impression when they attend or host parties as adults.

If it was your own party, make sure everyone that attends receives a birthday thank-you card. Even if they didn’t give a gift, thank them for attending. It’s helpful to keep track of the gifts given so you can properly acknowledge them. Mentioning the specific gift adds a nice personal touch. It's not compulsory to put each card into a separate envelope. However, this will definitely add value to the overall experience for the recipient when they get your beautiful birthday thank notes.

Speaking of wording, it doesn't have to be too sophisticated either. I know it might be difficult sometimes. If you are too busy or struggle to come up with some lovely appreciative message, just say "Thanks" for the great memories and say that you truly appreciate their kindness. Make it sincerely and fill your words with gratitude.

And whether the birthday party was for an adult or child, it’s good manners to make sure you send those birthday thank you cards out no later than 2 weeks after the party. Don’t let the art of birthday thank you cards die…keep proper etiquette going for generations to come! Choose from a variety of designs ranging from fun to minimalist, for kids and adults and create your unique stationery with warm greetings for any type of holiday be it graduation wedding, milestone, birthday or anniversary - for yourself or for someone your care about.

Happy birthday! Now it's your turn to surprise your guests, get them excited and make them smile.