Birthday Cards

Browse the wonderful selection of birthday cards and find happy birthday cards for kids, mom, dad, brothers, sisters, spouses, grandparents, best friends and so many other relationships. Customize the templates online, personalize the wording, and design to make the cards match the celebrant's style and personality. Get the printable file, order high-quality prints, or send the greetings online.

Best Friend Birthday Cards

Personalized Greeting Cards are a great choice for a birthday present for a close friend. Browse through a selection of the best Happy Birthday Friend Cards, choose the card you like and present it to a dear friend.

No matter how old he/she turns, the gift you make will cause genuine joy and fun. The person will know that you value and respect friendship, even if you cannot celebrate the holiday together.

Customize the postcard using a convenient online editor, write a congratulatory text, add a photo if you wish. All that remains to be done is to save the congrats in the format you need, including PDF and JPEG, and then send it to the recipient over the Internet.

Boyfriend Birthday Cards

Browse the selection of the best Boyfriend's Birthday Cards, in which you will find an awesome gift for your loved one. Write your sincere wishes to the birthday boy, please him with warm words and make him happy on a BDay.

After setting in the online editor, send your personalized card by a message over the Internet. Alternatively, you can print it out and give it to your boyfriend personally.

Family Birthday Cards

Choose from dozens of designs and customize birthday card templates online in minutes to create perfect birthday greeting cards for your relatives and family members. Personalize the cards, write happy birthday wishes and messages and add a personal touch to reach out to your closest ones in style and congratulate them in a lovely way.

Birthday Cards For Her

Do you know a special lady getting ready to have a birthday? Celebrate with her by throwing her a birthday bash she won’t forget. Regardless if this woman is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, aunt, grandmother, or simply a friend, help her enjoy her special day even more by inviting her friends and loved ones to share the day

Birthday Cards For Him

Check out a selection of the best Birthday Greeting Cards For Him, choose the layout you like, and create a unique greetings card using the convenient online editor. You can customize the design elements as you wish, from writing text with congrats to adding cute photos.

Let your warm and heartfelt words on his BDay cause him a smile and a feeling of joy. More often please your husbands, brothers, fathers, and kids by taking a direct part in their lives. Inspire and surprise, be proud of your men, do not hesitate to devote beautiful words to them, and enjoy sincere joy in return.

After editing and downloading Birthday Ecards For Him, you can send them to the recipient in any way convenient for you. It can be a paperless email or a message on the social network, sending a printed letter by post, or handing over a postcard at a personal meeting with the birthday boy.

Girlfriend Birthday Cards

Browse the selection of the Girlfriend's Birthday Greetings Cards, each of which you can customize and send to your loved one. Do not hesitate to express your feelings! Show how much your beloved means to you and that you love her with all your heart. May the birthday girl be happy, celebrate her BDay with fun, and her dreams always come true.

Even if you are at a long distance from each other, don't worry — with the help of these wonderful greeting cards, you can easily please a person. It is enough to use an online editor, personalize your postcard and save it in a suitable format. All that remains is to send a postcard with a message to any social network, mail, or messenger.

Birthdays are exciting. After all, what’s more fun than a birthday party? The best part is it doesn’t matter how old the person is, they will always enjoy it! There are themes to suit everyone’s tastes, regardless if the person is turning 1 year old or celebrating milestones like 100. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your mom, dad, sibling, significant other, child, or a friend you should choose a theme that fits them and then tie everything from the decorations and food to the birthday card to match.

Why send a Birthday Card? Traditions and Advantages

Birthday cards are a simple yet cute gesture to let a birthday boy or girl know you’re thinking about them on their special day and make them smile. It doesn’t matter if the card will accompany any birthday gifts or not, for most people a card is sufficient. It’s a great way to put into words exactly how you feel about the person. Birthday cards can range from sentimental to funny with cakes and balloons depending on the recipient and the relationship you share. Traditionally you’ll want the card to arrive as close to the person’s birthday as possible. If you’ll be attending a birthday party be sure to give it to them then. However, if you live far away it’s best to allow anywhere from 3 to 5 days for mailing.

Our site provides a great range of options when it comes to the formats: from animated birthday ecards to high-quality prints. All of our cards can be downloaded in PNG or PDF format, or you can order a printed version, and we’ll send beautiful prints to you. Overall, you can get a printable file that you can print at home or an online greeting card in PNG that you can send via social media, email or SMS. Finally, you can send the cards the old way via mail in the envelope with stamps.

Advantages of Personalized Birthday Cards

There’s nothing better than receiving a sweet birthday card from someone you care about, but have you considered sending personalized birthday cards? Creating a personalized card allows you to write custom happy birthday messages that are meant only for the card recipient. It’s a much more sentimental thought than simply buying a generic card from a local store. Let’s face it, there are only so many cards to choose from in a store. What if you chose the same card as someone else? That would be awkward. 

Every card design in this collection supports a customizable format, allowing you to change whatever you want easily. When you create custom birthday cards from our site you can choose a font that you like, add a personal photo, move around design elements, and literally tailor the card to look exactly how you wish. The best part is when you use our free online editor it’s so simple that you don’t have to have any knowledge in design or coding. Each card is professionally designed by an artist or designer, so there are lots of beautiful templates to choose from.

Birthday Cards Etiquette

The birthday wishes conveyed in the card should reflect the relationship you share with the recipient. You don’t have to write several paragraphs, but make sure the message is clear. It can be serious or funny, so long as the person receiving the card will appreciate it. So, when it comes to the wording you can be formal or informal. This is completely up to you. A personalized card is a wonderful way to create a custom message that allows you to get creative. 

In case you forget about the date, don't ignore the idea of wishing happy birthday to a person you care about even if it's a little bit late. Belated birthday wishes are similar to the regular ones, so don't hesitate to send them later.

If you also need some other personalized stationery for any occasion, please feel free to look around as we have rich collections of invitations, thank you cards, greeting cards and more.


Can I send birthday cards online instead of using mail?

Absolutely yes! You customize a design you like and save it in PNG to send via social media, email or SMS.

What should I write on a birthday card?

It doesn't have to be something sophisticated or complex. Write one or two funny and candid lines or search for the best birthday wishes templates online.