Wedding Thank You Cards

Check out the selection of the best Wedding Thank You Cards for the perfect way to express gratitude to your dear guests. Choose your favorite postcards and use the convenient online editor to create beautifully personalized thank you notes.

Stick to etiquette, be grateful to your loved ones and make them know about it. Write lovely heartfelt words, add happy photos, and customize every element of your card. Download thank-you notes in one of the popular formats (PDF, JPEG, PNG), and then you can send it via the Internet or by mailing.

Rest assured, your «thank yous» is one of the best ways to wording gratitude. Your family and friends will be excited to receive postcards from the newlyweds, experience feelings of joy, and remember how fun it was to celebrate your wedding.

Vintage theme-inspired thank you card with the minimalist design, solid background and lovely font. Customize it online to make necessary changes or leave it as it is and download PDF or order printed.

Lovely thank you card template featuring a magnificent design with the bouquet of roses and beautiful calligraphy font. Works well for all occasions. Customize online and save in PDF or order printed.

Wonderful thank you card design that will work perfectly fine for all occasions. Customize online if necessary, save in PDF, PNG or order high-quality prints for a reasonable price.

Unique watercolor thank you card featuring amazing painting style and very rich color palette. This design suits well all the occasions and will make a card recipient feel appreciated.

Beautiful thank you card with the watercolor-inspired pink background, beautiful decorations and lovely font. This card will work perfectly fine for birthday, wedding, baby shower and all other occasions.

Thank you card with the dark background, marvelous font and lovely decorations including circle and roses. Customize text and design if necessary online and save it in PDF or order prints.

Graceful watercolor thank you card featuring the floral theme, rich color palette and lovely font creating a design that will work perfectly fine for all occasions. Download printable PDF or order printed cards.

Universal thank you card design featuring peonies, geometric frame and a wonderful calligraphy font. Download printable file or order high-quality prints with the delivery to your address.

Beautiful thank you card design featuring thick pink stripes and bouquet of roses on the bottom of the card. Customize online if necessary to create unique thank you cards.

Universal thank you card design featuring blue watercolor flowers, sophisticated font and a wonderful composition. Customize online via free card maker and create unique cards for your card recipients.

Lovely thank you card with the wonderful design, nice flowers and calligraphy font. Download this template to print at home or order printed cards for an affordable price.

Wonderful and bright watercolor thank you card design for birthday, baby shower or wedding. Customize online if you need and download printable file or order ready-made prints.

It’s easy to get swept away in the whirlwind of wedded bliss, but no bride or groom should ever forget about wedding thank you cards. You’ll want to send these to relevant parties after your wedding day as per proper etiquette.

Lucky for you, you’ll find the one here in our incredible selection of wedding thank you cards. We make it easy for you to select the style you want that matches your wedding invitations and all other correspondence from your event with a perfect theme. Whether you choose classic, elegant, floral, vintage, rustic, or any of our other designs, customizing them is simple. You won’t need to code or be a skilled designer using our free online editor that takes the guesswork out of creating personalized wedding thank you cards.

Why Choose Wedding Thank You Cards By Printsbery?

Before the wedding, your plate will most certainly be full. There are fittings and tastings to attend and enough to make your head spin. We make it easy to create your own customized wedding thank you cards in a variety of styles, themes, and designs. You can choose from dozens of designs and customize the templates online via free invitation editor to make your wedding thank you cards match your colors and style.

Besides each wedding thank you card design is a part of a corresponding wedding invitation suite that includes all the essential wedding stationery elements in one consistent style that matches your wedding day theme. All for a very affordable price.

Why make wedding thank you cards more difficult to send? We help you take care of wedding stationery so you can check it off your wedding to-do list and can focus on that personal and meaningful message you write on or inside your cards.

Etiquette Rules for Wedding Thank You Cards

While you can pre-print the address on your envelopes, wedding thank you cards should always be handwritten to show sincere appreciation for gifts and attendance of your event. You’ll want to be sure you don’t leave anyone out so make a list to stay organized.

Who should receive one of your handwritten personalized wedding thank you cards? Every guest that attends, anyone that has given a gift (including donations made in your name), everyone that helped with the wedding planning process, the wedding hosts, your wedding party, your own parents, vendors, and the wedding planner.

As per proper wedding etiquette, you should send those wedding thank you cards as soon as possible after your wedding. Ideally, two weeks post-wedding is the best time though it’s not always possible depending on your honeymoon plans. If that’s the case, get them written and sent within three months of your wedding day. For those that sent gifts prior to the wedding, it’s best to send wedding thank you cards as you receive these gifts so you don’t forget to acknowledge the kindness.

Still need help with your wedding thank you cards? We can answer all your etiquette and style questions and give you tips for writing the perfect message. Contact us today and let us help!