Weekly Schedule Templates

Browse weekly schedule templates designed to help you master weekly planning and keep track of everything in one place, schedule out your tasks, meetings, and appointments and stay productive throughout an entire week every single day. Download printable PDF to start planning your week with the convenient weekly schedule format.

One-Page Weekly Schedule

Weekly planner templates with the compact format allowing you to get a quick weekly overview on a single page at a glance. Choose the layout you like and download weekly planning sheets to organize your daily workflow and become really productive.

Two-Page Weekly Schedule Templates

Get more space for planning, scheduling, note taking and task listing with the weekly planner templates featuring a layout that offers two pages per week. Browse templates available in popular sizes and in PDF format to download them and use at office or home. 

Classic Weekly Schedule Templates

Schedule appointments activities, tasks and chores plan your week out in advance and stay on schedule easily with the weekly schedule template PDF. Choose from various designs and layouts, 30-minute intervals and hourly increments to get the versatile planning tool that works just for you.

Weekly Schedule To-Do Lists

Use simple and well-known to-do lists to keep all your tasks for a week in one place. Prioritize and place them in the right order to get things done fast and effortlessly. Get weekly to-do list template now to start organizing everything the smart way.

Weekly Schedule With Calendar

Get a blank weekly calendar template to organize your work schedule, household routine or regular weekly plans the smart and easy way. Browse the selection of weekly planner printables and choose the template that you like the best.

Do you prefer pen and paper over digital productivity tools? If so check out our large selection of weekly schedule templates. We have many designs that are professionally created and simply beautiful. Regardless if you’re looking for fancy or simple, we have a template for everyone. You can choose from dated or undated versions, and also templates that include priorities, hourly planners, to-do lists, goals, and more.

The best part is each of our templates can be downloaded directly from our site in PDF form. Before printing, you have choices as to what size you prefer the schedule pages as well as the start of the week: Sunday or Monday. The available sizes are A4, A5, full letter, or half letter. The weekly schedules cannot be exported to Excel or Word, but can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Why is Weekly Planning So Important?

Personal productivity can have a larger impact on your life than you may realize. The planning and prioritizing of tasks are more important than some people think. When you effectively plan your time it cuts down on the stress and anxiety of getting tasks completed. Let’s face it, most of us are busy so planning what needs to be done is important so that duties aren’t missed. Additionally, when you plan it helps get tasks completed on time and usually leads to better quality work.

Aside from being more efficient, weekly planning can keep you from procrastinating and improve your quality of life. Think about it this way, if you actually get all of your tasks completed on time it gives you more free time to spend doing the things you want to do rather than things you have to do. Creating a good system for planning and prioritizing is vital to success in business, study, careers, and even life in general.

Weekly Planning vs Daily Planning

While most people engage in daily planning, there are far more benefits to weekly planning. When you learn to plan your entire week it gives you a view of the bigger picture and allows you to focus on bigger goals. Though daily planning is a step in the right direction, it’s always better to see further into the future. Let’s say you finish all of your daily goals, if you’ve already planned for the week it’s easy to begin working on the next day’s goals. Remember, the faster you get your weekly tasks accomplished, the more “you” time you’ll have.

The Benefits of Printable Weekly Schedule Templates

These templates are to help you become more productive and organized with the help you simple planning tools that they offer at your disposal. These planning pages are great for organizing weekly class schedule, college schedule, shift schedule, employee schedule and more. Plan everything in advance and stay organized easily.

Printable weekly schedule templates allow you the most flexibility. If you run out of pages you can simply print more because you already have the template downloaded to your computer. Another benefit is that you can customize them the way you want. The fact is there are only so many choices when you go to a store, with printable weekly schedules you have access to a much wider variety of styles.

Still not sure what blank calendar template is right for you? Please make sure to check out other collections with planner printables and download free weekly schedule template samples to see if the page layout works for you.


Can I add one of this templates to my planner?

Yes, you can download a template you like, print it out, and add to your planner. Moreover, you can print more sheets when you run out of pages.

Can I print these templates at home?

Absolutely! These are print-ready templates that you can print via absolutely any printer at home, office, or a professional print shop.