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Browse the selection of the best customizable baby shower invitations templates available in various designs, color palettes and for both boys and girls. Find the design that matches your party style as well as your personality and customize it online in record time via free invitation maker to create perfect invites for your guests in PDF, PNG or printed.

Baby Shower Invitations For Boys

Browse the selection of the unique baby shower invitations for boys available in various designs and color. Customize the text and design online via free invitation maker to create your own perfect invites and reach out to your guests and celebrate in style. Download printable PDF, order high-quality prints or get PNG file to send via email or SMS.

Baby Shower Invitations For Girls

Enjoy the collection of the beautiful invitation templates designed to help you create your own perfect baby shower invitations for girls and invite your guest to celebrate in your own unique way. Use free online drag-n-drop editor to personalize the design, upload photos and customize the text just like you want.

There’s nothing more exciting than awaiting the arrival of a new baby! However, the excitement extends well beyond the expectant parents as other members of the family and friends will also be anxiously awaiting the arrival. A traditional way to gather loved ones to celebrate the pregnancy is by throwing a baby shower or baby sprinkle. 

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party that allows friends and family to spend time with the future mom and parents-to-be and show them good wishes and love while “showering” them with gifts. The gifts will be much-needed as there are many items and accessories you must buy before welcoming a new baby. A baby shower is a perfect opportunity to receive many of the necessary items you’ll need for a newborn such as diapers, receiving blankets, clothes, and even furniture (don't forget to include all of these into your baby registry). Furthermore, you can come up with some awesome party ideas, theme your party, plan fun baby shower games, and offer sweet cakes, delicious food and other party items to make your day memorable and full of joy.

Stress Free Baby Shower Invitations by Printsbery

Regardless if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl there are plenty of themes to choose from for your baby shower invitations. The theme you choose for your invitations will most likely carry over to the theme of the actual party. This will give you a starting point to easier plan the food, activities, and decor. Regardless if you choose a specific color, your favorite hobby, or simply playful zoo animals or sailboats, we have an invitation that fits your needs. If you aren't ready for a gender reveal yet, you can also go with the gender neutral baby shower invitation design.

All of our templates can be 100% personalized and are professionally designed by independent artists. We offer access to a free editor that doesn’t require you to possess any prior design or coding skills. The easy yo use online editor allows you to customize the background, fonts, colors, upload personal photos, and even move the design scheme around. Once the invitations look how you like, you can either order premium paper prints or download them in PDF version or save virtual invites in PNG to send them online.

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette

While there’s no set rule as to when to host the baby shower, many people like to throw them about 4 to 6 weeks before the delivery when the baby is due. Most people at least make sure the gender of the child has been revealed. However, some may wait even longer as the risk for miscarriage reduces with every week that passes. Also, waiting a bit longer can allow you to see what items you are still missing that loved ones can supply. Hence, when it comes to mailing out the baby shower invitations, be sure to send invites about a month before the party. This will allow plenty of time for your guests to plan to attend and shop for gifts. 

The guest list requires a bit more party planning. First, you will need to decide if it will be a female-only event, or if the father-to-be and his friends will also be included. For many years, baby showers were only attended by women but in more recent times co-ed showers have gained a great deal of popularity. Regardless of this fact, be sure to invite your closest friends and family members to share in the big day. If you’re planning the shower for an expectant mommy be sure to let her check and approve the final guest list in case there are people she doesn’t want to attend or other co-workers or friends she’d like to add.

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When should I send baby shower invitations?

Make sure you provide your guests with enough time to get ready for your party, buy the gifts and reserve the date for your party. Therefore, aim for sending the invites at least four weeks prior to the day.

What is the proper baby shower invitation wording?

The wording of the invitations for this type of party is usually very relaxed and informal. Its main goal is to get guests informed about the upcoming party and let them know when and where it's going to take place. Here are a few wording samples for an opening line: 

  • “Our little one is on the way. Come to help us shower our special child.”
  • "Another girl is joining our crew soon! Come help us celebrate!
  • “The baby is on the way. Let's celebrate”
  • “Oh, baby! There's a special someone on the way.”

Who should organize the party?

Usually, the mom-to-be is the guest of honor at this party. However, sometimes she can be a host too. More often though her relatives or friends organize the party and do her a huge favor by taking care of all the planning for her.