Graduation Announcements

Browse the selection of the most popular Graduation Announcement Templates. Whatever institution a child graduates from, graduation is a huge accomplishment, so don't miss the opportunity to share this exciting and inspiring news with family and friends. Let the dreams come true, and graduation day will be remembered for many positive and funny moments in the circle of loved ones.

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Regardless if your child is graduating from kindergarten, high school, or college - it’s a huge milestone in their life. What better way to share the news with friends and family than with graduation announcements? Such announcements can serve a couple of purposes. First, they can be used to simply inform family and friends that your child is graduating. On the other hand, they can be used to announce an upcoming graduation party. In any case, choosing the right graduation announcements is important because you want them to be unique and reflect on your child’s individual personality.

Graduation Announcement Templates

We offer many styles of graduation announcements. The best part is our announcements are part of a suite, so if you choose to send graduation party invitations you’ll be able to use the same type of stationary for both. We have styles to fit every personality. You’ll find ones for girls, boys, sports enthusiasts, scholars, and just about anything else you can think of.

Advantages of Personalized Graduation Announcements

No two kids are the same, so your graduation announcements shouldn’t be either. Creating personalized cards gives you more creative freedom than those for sale at your local big-box retailer. In fact, by choosing one of our professionally designed graduation announcements you’ll have the option to completely customize it to suit your taste.

We give you access to an online editor that is free to use. With the editor, you can upload your favorite photos, change elements of the font, and design the entire layout if you’d like. Our editor does not require any knowledge of coding or design. Once you’ve designed the perfect announcement you must then decide if you will order prints directly from us, or download a PDF, JPG, or PNG of the card for digital delivery or to print at home. As we previously mentioned, all of our announcements are professionally designed by independent designers and artists.

Graduation Announcement Etiquette

The wording on your announcement should read easily and match your child’s character. Be sure to place the card inside the inner envelope, face up and do not lick the envelope. If you’ve purchased envelope seals use those to seal the card closed. You can use informal names such as “Grandpa” or “Uncle Paul” to address these. The outer envelopes should be handwritten with every word spelled out. For instance, the word Avenue should read like that rather than Ave. When it comes to essential information make sure you include the graduate’s full name, graduation year, name of the school, degree earned, honors, and the date of the graduation ceremony.

If you plan to throw a graduation party, you can include the invitation along with the announcement. Your return address should be included on the envelope flap or on the front if you’re using preprinted labels. Feel free to include a note that reads “No Gifts Please” near the bottom of the announcement. This will leave it open for the individual, yet not make anyone feel pressured to purchase something.

When mailing the announcements, send them via first-class mail. It’s a good idea to send them anywhere from two to three weeks before graduation, or up to two weeks after. Customarily announcements are sent out to close friends, family, extended family, classmates, teachers, tutors, or anyone else who has taken an interest in your child’s schooling. Also, remember to save one for the graduate!