1st Birthday Invitations

Congratulations! That's a wonderful milestone to celebrate! Discover some the best fully customizable baby's first birthday invitation templates to create your perfect invites and share them with your family and friends. Customize everything online via your browser and our free editor to save your designs in PNG or PDF format or order high-quliaty prints to later send them printed or digital.

First Birthday Invitations Boy

Browse the selection of the best baby's first birthday invitation templates for boys and customize the one you like to your own preferences online for free to create unique invites and reach out to your guest in style. All the templates are 100% editable allowing you to change the information as well as colors and design. Customize in minutes and save lovely birthday invitations in PDF or PNG format.

First Birthday Invitations Girl

Enjoy the collection of the baby's 1st birthday invitations for girls available for customization and personalization via free online editor. Make all the necessary adjustments in record time to create perfect and unique invitations for this wonderful occasion. Download invitations in PDF or PNG format to print or send them digitally or order high-quality prints right now.

A little one turning one is an important milestone! While your child won’t remember the occasion, many parents choose to throw a 1st birthday party. Though you don’t have to throw a huge bash, it is a good idea to gather close friends and family to celebrate with you and your child. Even better is that you can take many cute photos of the event and those will serve as a momentum for the baby later in life. 

During the first year, by this age, most babies begin to show a preference for specific characters or colors, and those are great ideas to incorporate into the 1st birthday party. Moreover, you can also use this same theme or color on the baby’s 1st birthday party invitations and that serves as a great hint to guests that your child likes this specific topic. You can also tie this theme into planning the activities, food, and party decor. Your child’s face will light up at the sight of the party and guests there to honor them!

1st Birthday Invitations

We offer many types of baby’s first birthday invitations regardless of the color or theme you’re looking for. All of our birthday invitation templates can be fully customized and personalized. You will receive access to an online editor that is free to use and does not require any coding or design knowledge. The editor allows you to change or edit the fonts, as well as the background and color scheme. Furthermore, the free editor also allows you to upload your own favorite photos and personalize the design pattern of the invitation as well as 1st birthday invitation wording.

Once you have created the perfect invites you can then order printed cards directly from our site or simply download them to your computer in  PDF, or PNG format. The best part is all of our invitations are tastefully designed by independent professional designers or artists.

Baby’s 1st Birthday Invitation Etiquette Rules

There are no general guidelines or tips as to how many people you should invite to your baby’s first birthday party. The baby won’t care if there are a hundred people on the guest list or just a few. The most important thing is to keep the party within your child’s own comfort zone. To help decide this, consider your child’s tolerance for chaos and groups, and then invite appropriately. However, be sure to invite people who are close to the child such as grandparents, friends, extended family, colleagues, and even neighbors. To make it more fun for the baby you may want to invite others who have small children around the same age as they will have fun playing together.

When it comes to picking the date and time for the happy birthday party be mindful of the baby’s nap times and limit the length of the party to about an hour or two. It’s a great idea to send out invitations at least three weeks before the party to let them know they are invited and ensure guests save the date. This timeframe should give potential guests enough time to save dates, request off work, make travel arrangements if necessary and ultimately get ready to celebrate baby party. 

There is only one first birthday party that a human has. Make sure to celebrate it beautifully, with nice decorations, sweet cake, birthday candle, cupcakes and more.

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