Housewarming Invitations

Enjoy the selection of unique housewarming invitations for your house warming party available in PDF, PNG or printed. Choose from various designs, customize the colors and text online for free and create your own invites to invite your guests in style and throw a memorable party to warm your new home.

In olden days, housewarmings were quite literal. Back when there was no such thing as central heat, friends and neighbors would come bearing firewood to build cozy fires to warm up the home.

While your housewarming today will likely yield more modern gifts from kitchen appliances to and décor, the tradition of having friends, family, and neighbors join in to welcome you to your new address and celebrate this occasion is still burning brightly.

With various styles of housewarming invitations available, we offer you the chance to design one that reflects your personal taste. It’s easier than ever to create a housewarming invitation in just minutes too. Our simple templates don’t require design or coding skills. You can see right on screen how it will look from fonts to colors to styles before you finalize it. Download your PDF or print it with a few quick clicks!

Why Choose Printsbery Invitations & Cards?

The collection of designs ranging from elegant to vintage, from funny to casual provides you with the great opportunity to use a filter to find your favorite style.

When it comes to housewarming invitations, we make it our mission to find the most unique styles from the best artists out there. Within our customizable templates, you take over as the designer to add every detail, personalizing the message and colors and see it live before downloading, printing, or emailing it to your guest list. This ensures you love the way it looks right from the start.

Our free online builder makes it easy to create wonderful invites using the templates you see in this collection and allows you to create beautiful Etsy-like pieces. Moreover, you can choose between the formats: printable PDF, PNG (to send online invitations), and classic printed cards. Make changes as you need and then send it out to those you want to attend. It takes just minutes to create your personal stress-free housewarming party invitations so you can get back to unpacking, decorating, and planning the food and drinks for your party!

Etiquette Rules for Housewarming Invitations

It’s best that you get a bit settled in before hosting your housewarming party as you don’t want guests tripping over boxes. After you examined all the party ideas, stocked enough wine in your living room and feel more prepared, you can set a date and create your housewarming invitations on our template in a snap. About 3 weeks in advance is ideal, especially if you’re mailing them. You should always include the address. Directions should be provided if your new home is located in a new development that might not be recognized by GPS. You can also track RSVPs if you use some online services or simply ask people to confirm their attendance via email.

Like any invitation, it’s in poor taste to include gift registry information. Guests will likely ask you where you are registered prior to your housewarming party.

Some housewarming parties are casual while others are formal, but regardless of the feel, you should always offer hors d’oeuvres or some sort of meal. Tours of your home should be granted to guests too.

Any gifts you receive should not be opened during the party, though be sure to note the gifts your guests brought. Sending out a personalized thank you a week or two after your housewarming is good manners for those who attend as well as for those who gave you a gift. We also have thank you notes that you can personalize to match your housewarming invitation so be sure to get those ready too and make thanking your guests even easier!

Please make sure to also check out the collections with announcements, cards and other invitations for all occasions.