Elegant Wedding Invitations

Browse the selection of elegant wedding invitation templates designed to help you create custom wedding stationery for your big day. Discover an amazing collection of various designs ranging from romantic to greenery themes, from minimalist and elegant formal to more sophisticated options. Set a tone for your wedding with the personalized elegant invites that match your colors, personality and style.

Elegant wedding invitations are becoming more popular these days and it's no wonder why. The elegant wedding style looks absolutely gorgeous. Perfection is all in those little details, and one of them that must be perfect from the start is your invitations and other correspondence. Your elegant affair needs a high-quality and sophisticated style of fancy invitations to reflect the proper air of dignity.

Welcome to the collection! We offer a luxurious range of elegant wedding invitation designs to choose from with bold or scripted fonts, all with the ability to fully customize the text and design. Every invitation that you design will come out expertly with or a free online editor. Simply tailor it with your specific details with a few clicks. You can use a drag-n-drop invitation maker to move things around, change colors and change the wording in minutes. You don’t need to know how to design or code anything to get an well-designed wedding invitation that looks like a million bucks. Once completed, you can save a design and choose how you want to get it: PDF, PNG or printed

Advantages of Printsbery Elegant Wedding Invitations

Despite, you can find nice invitates in many boutiques and Etsy shops, offering sophisticated letterpress, UV printing, gold foil and laser cut wedding invitations designs, we pride ourselves on choosing the best artistic talents to design ours. Each one is beautiful in its own way, there are enough styles to make any bride swoon with joy.

Our elegant invitation collection can all be professionally designed and customized with the free online editor that is easy to use and fast. The editor lets you customize the text (font and invitation wording), colors and layout of decorations. When you are happy with the design you can save it in printable PDF, digital PNG or get it printed faster than you can throw your garter. With our exclusive templates, you’ll be able to view your invitations before you decide as you can preview, download and print a free sample. If you don’t like the final look, try another template until you find perfect invitation design that captures the epitome of elegance as you know it. Overall, we provide all the necessary opportunities for you to love invitations for your wedding day. All for a very affordable price.

In addition to giving you choices and ease of design for elegant invitations, we keep our site simple and intuitive because we know there are more decisions for you to make as you plan your big day. Our goal is to help elegant brides as much as possible by making the first step in getting the word out as beautiful and stress-free as possible.

Last but not least, you can find an entire wedding invitation set that compliments the design you like. In other words, every invitation you see in this collection is a part of a wedding invitation suite that consists of RSVP card, save dates card, reception and details cards, program and thank you cards. Overall, you can get an all-in-one wedding package that will help you maintain consistency across all the stages - set the tone of you ceremony and keep it until the very end of the celebration.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette Rules for Elegant Wedding Invitations

Every word matters on your invitation cards. You should be sure to include the bride and groom names, the date, location, and time. Adding the names of the hosts is also ideal for elegant invitations to formal weddings. 

Sending your elegant invitations out 6 to 8 weeks before the date is proper unless the wedding will be held at a far-off destination which would then require them to be sent even earlier. Include an RSVP card that matches and make clear who in the household is invited to attend. For example, if you prefer a childless party, only include the names of the parents on the invitation envelope. 

While you may include other cards with the RSVP card in the wedding invitation suite such as those for hotel accommodations or even where out of town guests may find a suitable babysitter for their children, refrain from including a card about gift registries. Tradition has it that calling to wish the bride and groom congratulations after the receipt of the elegant invitation is proper manners. At that time, they should ask the hosts about where you’re registered as well as any other questions they might have.

Still not sure what design to choose? Please feel free to check other collections of wedding invitations that are similar to this one including boho, greenery, blue, burgundy, simple themes and more. Besides, you can find the invitations for all the pre-wedding parties including bridal shower, engagement party and rehearsal dinner invitations.