Greenery Wedding Invitations

Looking for a way to symbolize your love in a wedding theme? Greenery wedding invitations are an extraordinary popular, not to mention that they are a beautiful way of doing so. Enjoy a wide range of greenery elements like Intertwined branches and leaves, boughs and ferns, palm leaves, eucalyptus frames, botanical and floral garlands, and garden backdrops to set the mood.

Your love has grown as it was tended just like the gorgeous gardens where you will say your vows. Greenery wedding invitations plant the seed for the event and let it grow over the months through vivid wedding invitation suites that pull your entire theme together. 

Our completely customizable invitations make it easy to do, though the hardest part will surely be choosing from the countless designs of greenery wedding invitation templates. You’ll find all wedding invitations depicting greenery right here. Each one is designed by top artists only for our collection to give you something memorable and unique. Please note that every invitation design is a part of a wedding suite.

Why Choose Printsbery Wedding Invitations

There are many wedding invitations to look through in stores and online, however, we pride ourselves on selecting unique and original designs. We do so because we know your love is special and different from other couples. These choices matter when creating that perfect theme that completes you both together as one. Our greenery wedding invitation collection celebrates the greenery trend, nature and the way love grows. It is sophisticated without being stuffy and allows for many ways to carry the theme elegantly through the rest of your wedding planning details.

Above all, we make the entire process simple because we know that you have so much more to do to plan your big day. It’s our gift to you in making everything you need for greenery wedding invitations go off without a hitch!

There’s no waiting to get samples or disappointment if it doesn’t come out the way you wanted. Our simple template allows you to personalize and customize all the details to your liking. You won’t have to learn to design or code anything. In fact, it will take you just a few minutes to complete at which point you can decide to download the finished PDF or order your printed greenery invitations along with other pieces of wedding stationery, put them into an envelope and start sending asap. And we guarantee that these templates will look as good as handmade wedding invitations on Etsy.

Greenery Wedding Style Ideas

When planning a greenery wedding, your invitation sets the mood. Coordinating it with our customizable wedding invitation suites creates that plant-based feeling that carries through from every portion that leads up to your wedding day. Our collections are easy to customize quickly for a professional and stylish appearance that takes only moments out of your day to create.

If you love the idea of incorporating greenery into your theme but aren’t sure how to do it, there are countless ways. Adding plants and bouquets turns a basic setting into something extraordinary. Make it tropical, make it spring-like…it’s all about using flowers and greenery as your supporting cast on your big day.

Many brides wear crowns of greenery, have greenery adorning the chairs at the ceremony and reception, say vows under greenery canopies or arches, and even have cakes designed to reflect this lovely and versatile theme. As you already see you can also make your bridesmaid attire match your style too. Any way you choose to do it, your greenery wedding will blossom accordingly!