Formal Wedding Invitations

Find your favorite formal wedding invitation style and personalize it with all your details to create beautiful and exclusive wedding invites for your traditional ceremony. Tailor it with colors and fonts without the need for coding or design skills. Our free online templates allow you to become the designer in just a few clicks. Simply download your completed PDF or click through to order them printed. 

Planning a classic, formal wedding? Then you’ll need elegant formal invitations to set the mood from the start. Formal weddings pull out all the stops with tuxedos and opulent dresses, luxuriously regal settings, and wedding cakes that reach for the sky. 

For timeless black-tie affairs, pull out all the stops without pulling out your hair during the planning process. Our gorgeous selection of fully customizable formal wedding style invitations will ensure you get the look you want without any of the stress.

Why Choose Printsbery Wedding Invitations

While all wedding planning adds an element of stress, formal weddings are to be the top echelon in events. Every detail must be properly thought of. Instead of popping into stationery shops or browsing the same styles in every online shop, we have created a formal wedding invitation collection of bespoke designs by talented artists who excel in evoking the right imagery for your event. You won’t see these designs everywhere else, giving you a uniquely formal way to set the tone for your ceremony. And with our customizable templates, you’ll be able to see everything before your own eyes, make any changes, and be sure it’s perfect before you order it.

In order to make it less stressful for you, we've made it possible to add a personal touch and customize each element of the template (font, color, layout) via free invitation maker and save the final design in PDF or get it printed. Fast and easy.

Last but not least, each invitation has a complimentary wedding invitation set that includes all essential wedding stationery: RSVP, reception card, save dates and more. All with sophisticated calligraphy, minimalist illustrations, vintage monogram and formal inspiration.

Etiquette Rules for Formal Wedding Invitations

While all weddings have an element of etiquette, formal weddings are even more meticulous in this regard. You’ll still want to send them out to everyone on your guest list between 6 and 8 weeks prior to your big date. For formal occasions, there is no exception – traditional wedding invitations must be mailed out the old-fashioned way. All the pertinent details must be present on a formal wedding invitation though the language and wording will be more austere. Using full names, spelling out the dates, and even using Roman numerals are common on formal invitations.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

Gift and registry information should never be included on any wedding invitation, let alone a formal one. From the very start, it should be all about class and sophistication. It’s not every day that you get to dress up, drink champagne all day, and be followed by cameras like a famous celebrity so do keep in line with formalities.

Formal wedding invitations must be properly addressed too so there is no confusion as to who is invited in the household. Generally speaking, formal ceremonies are usually for adults only. You may indicate as such by simply inviting “Mr. and Mrs.” on your invitations. Single guests may be clued into bringing a date by offering “plus guest” on the envelope if you so desire. 

Don’t forget that our invitation suites can also match your formal themes and tie in the styles together for an unforgettable event!