Blue Wedding Invitations

Browse the selection of customizable wedding invitation templates in many hues of blue including Royal Blue, Dusty Blue, Navy Blue, Tiffany-style Blue that are perfect for summer, winter, or beach wedding ceremony. Personalize the designs to create perfect invites to compliment blue attire and the main theme of your celebration. Fast and easy.

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of thought. From the type of flowers to whom you will invite, the list of items to prepare is long. Many find that planning for their big day is one of the most stressful times of their life. With everything to plan, just make sure you don’t overlook your wedding invitations.

The invitation gives guests the first impression of your upcoming wedding, and everyone knows that first impressions are everything. Hence, make sure you give the invitations the attention they deserve, as they will set the stage for your guests. Also, there may be some guests who receive multiple invitations around your big day, therefore, it’s worth investing extra effort into your invitations to make them stand out.

Welcome to the Blue Wedding Invitations Collection by Printsbery

There are many luxurious styles you can choose from that can be personalized to match your major theme. Blue wedding invitations are a great choice as they are colorful and really stand out from others. We offer a wide range of ocean, sky and blue color inspired, watercolor and vintage designs for your beautiful invitations. For a very cheap price in comparison to laser cut wedding invitations from Etsy or high-end boutiques.

Our navy blue wedding invitations can be fully personalized in terms of font color, style, and size to suit your unique taste. Additionally, we give access to a free online editor that allows you to customize the design style as you wish, thus allowing you to make them look how you like. The free online invitation builder allows you to personalize the wording, text settings, move elements around or add something blue to the original design. The best part is the online editor requires no design skills or coding! After you’ve created your blue invitations you can download them in PDF form or order printed versions.

Advantages of Personalized Wedding Invitations

There are many advantages of personalized wedding invitations. The most important is that they reflect the bride and groom as a couple. Moreover, personalizing your invitations allows you to create one style that covers the entire wedding invitation suite that includes Save the Date, RSVP, the reception, bridal shower invites and other pertinent details. Finally, creating personalized invitations is a great way to make them unique. Since you’ve spent countless hours planning your perfect day, there is no reason your invitations should be basic.

Etiquette Rules and Wording for Blue Wedding Invitations

Writing the invitations and using proper etiquette is a topic that makes most people nervous. Remember each word on the invitation is significant, it’s most important that the invitation includes the names of the bride and groom, the date, location of the party, and the time. If your invitations are elegant or formal, be sure to include the hosts’ names.

Most importantly, a wedding invitation should convey all the information that guests need to know about the ceremony. The invitation is also a good place to communicate the tone and formality of the event, including the dress code. The invitation should also indicate when and how to RSVP, this is especially true if you choose not to include response cards in your envelopes. Finally, if the couple’s parents are not the hosts, you may choose to recognize them on the invitation.

Traditionally, it’s a good idea to send out invitations six or eight weeks before the wedding date. This timeframe gives guests ample time to set travel arrangements if they live far away and clear their schedules. If you are planning a destination wedding you may want to give guests more time and send the invitations out about three months before. If you plan to send save the date cards, these are generally sent out six to eight months ahead of time.

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