Bridal Shower Invitations

It’s time to shower that beautiful bride with tons of attention and affection before her wedding day. Browse the selection of artist-designed bridal shower invitations for your best friend, sister, or daughter or even for yourself and customize the templates to make sure the invites match a guest of honor’s taste and style as well as set the tone for this incredible pre-wedding party.

Whether you’re organizing a bridal shower for yourself or for your sister, daughter, or doing a favor for a best friend, the planning process of a memorable bridal shower party starts with creating a list of guests to be invited and preparing and mailing out the invites to do just that.

You should find out the colors of her theme first and then go from there. We have a wide array of bridal shower invitations designs ranging from a basic invite with a simple design to botanical themes and sophisticated decorations, all made with love by talented designers. You can customize them for a fully-personal and professional touch through our easy-to-use templates and online drag-n-drop editor. There’s no need to know anything about coding or design to put an expert touch on your bridal shower invites. Simply choose a design you think the bride will love and customize away. Download the PDF or print them right away to get all the ladies ready for this milestone event.

Why Choose Printsbery Bridal Shower Invitations

Not only is it easy to use our templates to craft your bridal shower invitations, but there are a variety of exclusive designs in color options that will make her swoon. Besides, we offer free online invitation maker and editor that makes customization of your invitation an absolute breeze. The editor provides an opportunity to customize the text (design and wording) as well as the overall look of the invites, upload photos and personalize everything to your own preferences. As soon as you put together the wording and design and are happy with the final look you can choose the format you want.

You can go with a printable PDF and take care of printing yourself. You also can order printed cards made or premium paper, put each of them in an envelope with stamps and seals and mail the invites out the old-fashioned way. Or you can save the final design in PNG format to send eCards via SMS, email or social media.

From start to finish, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you design your bridal shower invitations here. With the bridal shower invitations taken care of, you can get on with planning the shower itself!

Types of Bridal Shower Parties

As you customize your bridal shower invitations, it’s important to think of what kind of bridal shower party you’re going to throw for the bride. It should be something that is in tune with her desires. A bridal brunch can please just about any bride, though maybe she’d prefer something tropical and outdoors for summery weather. You can have a poolside oasis or even a fancy high tea.

If she’s more of a hands-on bride, try a cooking class bridal shower. Wine tasting bridal showers are also very popular and if she loves wine, she will adore this theme. Bridal showers with crafts or even a day at the spa are other ways for her to enjoy her time with the ladies she loves.

Here are a few bridal shower party themes that you can consider:

  1. Classic England-inspired tea party. It usually involves a great variety of desserts, aromatic tea and lovely conversations.
  2. Boho chic. A garden party with the fresh take of a bohemian style is a hot trend nowadays. Floral patterns and rich color palettes make this party look remarkable.
  3. Retro glamor. Full of vintage decor, this theme creates a unique nostalgic atmosphere.
  4. Floral fiesta. Just add more flowers. What woman wouldn't like that?
  5. Modern rustic wedding shower. Rustic and country theme becomes more and more popular these days. Why not throw a rustic party for a future bride?
  6. Garden party. Host a soiree at the backyard, have engaging conversations, and listen to relaxing music. This is exactly what this party is for.
  7. Bubbly shower. This one is all about champagne, sweets, and laughter. The perfect mix for a pre-wedding party.

Actually, there are dozens of bridal shower themes that you can choose from and you will definitely find the one that mirrors your personality and matches your personal mood and style. Just remember that it's all about the atmosphere, not an entourage. You can raise a toast to celebrate bride-to-be at a cozy kitchen with champagne or throw a pool party with a bunch of cocktails. Both options can work perfectly fine and provide tons of memorable moments. The format is secondary, the vibes created by loved ones are priceless.

Recently a new format started becoming more popular as some couples prefer to celebrate together with a couple's shower where both men and women are invited. It’s usually reserved for close family and friends of the couple and can be a more inclusive twist on the traditional. Whatever you plan, your bridal shower invitation can mirror the theme and set a tone from the very beginning!

Etiquette Rules for Bridal Shower Invitations

The bride should never be tasked with sending her own bridal shower invitations. If you’re the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or a relative, the invitations should come from the host. As part of the bridal party, if you offered to help with bridal shower invitations, it would be a lovely gesture.

Should you be the host of the bridal shower, you’ll be responsible for the cost of the bridal shower invitations, though if you’re hosting with others, it’s a good protocol for the team to split the costs.

A good bridal shower will last around 3 hours or more. It should include food and activities that match the theme of the event. Making a timeline of the activities to create a rough schedule will help ensure everyone has a wonderful time, especially your guest of honor!

Need help getting started with your bridal shower invitations? Contact us and we’ll walk you through it!

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When is the best time to host a bridal shower party?

It's considered that the sweet spot is one to three months before the wedding day.

How does the bridal shower party look like?

Generally, the pre-wedding parties, including this one, look the same: snacks, drinks, bridal shower games, gift-giving, and an opportunity for a future bride to chat and have a great time together with her bridesmaids and relatives.

Who is responsible for organizing the bridal shower for the bride?

Usually, the bridal shower is hosted by the close female relatives or her bridesmaids. Nevertheless, it's also appropriate if a bride organizes and prepares everything by herself.