Engagement Party Invitations

Choose from a variety of invitation templates, customize them via the free online editor, and download printable file or order prints to create perfect engagement party invitations that will set the tone for your celebration. Match your colors and style, personalize the design and reach out to your guests in style. 

Congratulations on your engagement! Surely, you’re ready to kick off the first of the many celebrations that lead up to your nuptials. Your engagement party is the first step in gathering friends and family together to show off the ring and toast to a lifetime of happiness together. And it's the last step before starting the important and complex wedding planning process.

If you want to keep things traditional, the bride’s parents should host engagement party though the groom’s parents may also offer. These days, it’s not uncommon for both sets of parents to join in hosting, or even for other family and friends to do so. Engagement parties are less formal than the actual wedding so as not to outshine the main event. From cocktail parties to backyard barbecues, the engagement party is simply a time to celebrate the announcement of this very good news.

It all starts right here by choosing from our vast selection of customizable engagement invitations. Available in a variety of themes and styles, you’ll find the perfect one. We make it easy to customize it with your personal details through our easy-to-use templates that require no designing or coding skills to make beautiful, professional invitations before your eyes.

Choose the template, change the fonts and colors, and customize it your way. Then download the PDF or print it, and in just a couple of clicks, you’ll be ready to throw a party and celebrate!

Customize online and Get Invitations in the Format You Like

Engagement parties are a great way to revel in the start of the festivities that lead to your wedding day. It’s often the place where friends and families from both sides get a chance to meet, everyone intent on celebrating the joy that is to come.

Our artist-crafted designs mirror our high standards for professional and lovely designs. Browse the selection to choose from a great variety of designs offering vintage, classic, bold, casual, elegant, foil decorated and other style engagement options. Within our simple-to-navigate templates and online editor, you can add in all the details, upload your photo and adjust as you see fit. No extra skills required to get that done. In just minutes, your engagement party invitations will be ready to go, leaving you plenty of time to get ready and enjoy the fun! You can get your invitations in printable PDF, digital PNG for online invitations or printed invites.

Engagement Party Theme Options

Just like with a bridal shower or a major wedding ceremony, engagement party may take a lot of forms from glamour brunches to backyard BBQs. You only need to choose your favorite one or simply pick the one that matches your personality the best.

Here are the most popular themes that you might consider too:

Brunch. Cook some light dishes like eggs, bacon, orange juice and pancakes. And offer your guests coffee and tea or even a couple of bottles of wine or champagne.

Barbeque. It not necessarily has to be a formal event. Go casual and get everyone together on your backyard, grill some meat or vegetables, have an engaging conversation and have fun.

Cocktail Party. This is a timeless theme that always provides a lot of wonderful memories and guarantees that no one will feel bored.

Pool Party. Needless to say that this format works best where it's hot and sunny. It usually comes with lots of fun and laughter.

Wording and Etiquette Rules for Engagement Party Invitations

Using our templates to design your engagement party invitations is the easy part! Now, you’ll need to decide who to invite. The size and style of your party will depend on your preferences as well as your budget.

Since you should plan on having your party in the early stages, about a month to three months after you announce your recent engagement, it’s still too early to decide on your guest list. However, you can’t go wrong when you invite only close family and friends as they will most definitely be included on your wedding guest list.

Once you have that squared away, you can design your engagement party invitations. Make sure to send them at least one month in advance of your engagement party, though if you have guests coming from out of town, 6 weeks would be ideal so that your invitation doesn't appear to be a surprise and they can plan on making arrangements to attend and celebrate with you.

The wording is pretty straightforward so you don't need to worry about sophisticated texts. You should invite your guests, mention the occasion, specify time and date as well as the address of the location where the celebration is going to happen.

Wording sample: 

“Please join us for an engagement party honoring Jessica & Chris
September 8th – 5 PM – William Center – Nashville
RSVP to Maria at (insert phone number)”

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What is the best time to celebrate engagement?

Usually, the best time to throw a party is 1 to 3 months after you said "Yes" and at least 6 months before the wedding day.

Who should you invite to a party?

The closets and the loved ones: your family members and friends. Also you can throw two separate parties, invite different circles of people and have different formats.

Who organizes and hosts the party?

Usually, these are the bride's parents who host the party. However, it's not a requirement. The bride and groom's friends as well as other relatives can organize the gathering too.