Baby Shower Invitations For Girls

Enjoy the collection of the beautiful invitation templates designed to help you create your own perfect baby shower invitations for girls and invite your guest to celebrate in your own unique way. Use free online drag-n-drop editor to personalize the design, upload photos and customize the text just like you want.

Few things are more exciting than awaiting the arrival of a baby. Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience, regardless if you’re going through it for the first time or you’ve been through it before. One of the best things you can do before the baby is born is host a baby shower. A baby shower gives you the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming birth with family and friends, who are no doubt just as excited as you are!

If you are having a baby girl there are many themes you can pick for the party. You can choose to go with zoo animals, princesses, or simply the color pink or purple as invitations come with various girly themes. The theme you choose should flow through the entire planning process from food and drinks to decor and invitations. Regardless of which theme you like, we have a baby shower invitation for girls to fit your needs. 

Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

We offer many baby shower invitations for girls that come in various gender specific and neutral styles. Each of our invitations is professionally created by an artist or designer, making them beautiful and unique. The best part is we offer access to an online editor that easy and free to use. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of coding or graphic design to use it! 

The editor allows you to change nearly all aspects of the design and add matching colors and elements to make it suit your party theme. In other words, you can choose all font characteristics, move around the design, and even upload and add a photo of your ultrasound if you will. The invitation template can be 100% customized. Once you’ve decided exactly how you want it to look you can choose to download it to your computer in multiple formats so you can print at home or even send digitally through text messaging or email. If you’d prefer a more professional invitation you can order prints directly from our site. 

How would you like to send the invites? Classic way with printed cards each sealed in an envelope or send them via email or SMS? Whatever the approach you prefer, we've got you covered. Customize your template and save the final design in PDF, PNG or order printed. 

Etiquette for the Perfect Baby Shower Invitation

Do yourself a favor and start planning everything in advance to avoid the stress and anxiety because of unnecessary rush. The guest list is a big deal during the planning of a baby shower. Since the shower is generally hosted by someone other than the mother-to-be it’s a great idea to get the mother’s input on guests before sending out invitations. However, it’s usually good to invite family members, close friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members, or anyone else the mother is close with. Just be sure the mother is okay with the list because the last thing you want is to invite someone who isn’t welcomed by her. 

Another thing to consider during guest list planning is if it will be an all-female party or if the father-to-be and his friends will be invited as well. Baby showers used to be attended by women only, however, in more recent times they’ve become coed. 

When sending out baby shower invitations it’s best to send them out about four weeks before the party. A month’s time gives people plenty of time to make arrangements such as travel or requesting off work. Sending them out too early may cause some people to forget about it and sending them too late may mean people already have plans and won’t be able to attend.

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If you have any questions about baby shower invitations for girls, please contact us! We are here to help!