Graduation Invitations

Browse the selection of the coolest Graduation Invitation Templates, with which you can realize all your ideas for creating creative invites for family and friends. Celebrate such a memorable moment as the day of receiving your diploma. Let all those close to you gather at the festive event. Enjoy the party, accept congratulations and be proud of your achievement.

Gather all your loved ones at your graduation party. Prepare your guest list well in advance and send out graduation invitations.

After graduating from high school or college, it's time to celebrate such a grand event! If you like the theme of this mockup, hit the edit key and start customizing your graduation invitations.

Create a personalized graduation party invitation and send it to the recipient via the Internet. It is the perfect way to plan your event quickly and efficiently.

Express your personality and creativity, create a unique graduation party invite for your family and friends to celebrate one of the most momentous events in your life.

Get an A+ on party planning by designing the perfect graduation invitations for your newly-minted graduate! Whether they’re graduating high school or college, commemorating this special occasion with a graduation party is in order.

Our selection of graduation invitations come in a variety of styles that will suit your favorite student. Choose casual or formal, or add a treasured photo of the grad. Make it a big celebration at a local venue or something more cozy at home. With our easy-to-customize graduation invitations, you’ll have them ready in minutes. Customize the fonts, colors, and styles right before your eyes without knowing a thing about designing or coding. Then download the PDF or simply print it with a few quick clicks!

The Advantages of Printsbery Graduation Invitations

When you have a child graduating high school or college, there are so many stresses to think about. For high school kids, it’s worrying about them going to college while for college kids, it’s worrying about them finding work in their field. One less worry for you though is using our unique artist-created designs through our simple templates to create your graduation invitations. The online builder makes it super easy to customize the text and change the colors of your invitations before ordering printable PDF or high-quality prints.

Add your details and see it before your eyes, make any changes you want, and then download or print it. You’ll have your graduation invitations ready in minutes and have the peace of mind of having one less thing to worry about!

Etiquette Rules for Graduation Invitations

When sending out graduation invitations, it’s important to know the distinction between attending the ceremony, a graduation announcement, and a graduation party. Generally, schools will limit the number of tickets per student. For this reason, you must limit those you invite to the ceremony to immediate family and grandparents.

Graduation announcements are typically sent post-graduation, though if you want to have a party for the newly graduated, it’s best to send out a graduation party invitation. This is the best way to include everyone, especially if you have a large family.

Graduation invitations should be sent at least 6 weeks prior to the party for out of town guests. For local guests, 3 to 4 weeks is plenty of time to allow them to make arrangements to attend. Your invitation style should reflect the type of party you’re planning on hosting. Formal events require formal designs while a casual event like a backyard pool party and barbecue can be more relaxed.

As graduation parties are a prime occasion for the graduate to receive gifts, it’s important to prepare for proper acknowledgment. Our selection of customizable thank you cards can match any graduation invitation you choose so that your graduate may express their gratitude for gifts received. Once the confetti settles, the graduate of honor should plan on sending thank you cards out within the next 2 weeks as per proper graduation etiquette.